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Giving Your Exterior A Makeover

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Giving Your Exterior A Makeover

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Is your house starting to look a little shabby on the outside? Or maybe your neighbours have all had work done to their homes, and now yours seems a little sad and old? You’re not alone. We often focus a lot of our attention on getting our interiors looking beautiful, or our garden in trim, but we forget about the exterior. 

The walls and roof of your home will take a battering from the elements. When it is windy, or raining, they will pick up dirt and damp. And during the summer months, the sun can cause your paintwork to chip or fade. Nesting birds and other animals can bring debris amongst other problems.  The autumn can bring falling leaves, which can leave gutters blocked, causing water to build up and cause damage to your property. Ice and snow can cause cracks to form. All of these over time can cause the exterior some damage. 

Get Your Walls Reclad

One of the quickest, easiest, and most aesthetically pleasing ways of giving your home a new look is to reclad your home. This also helps repair any erosion from the weather too. Hire a company such as, and they will carry out the work to the highest standard. 

Get Your Roof Replaced

Having a solid roof above your head will keep the elements out. Having the right roof will also keep the heat inside, be more environmentally efficient and save you on your heating bills. 


The cheapest solution will be to get your house repainted. This might be something that you can do yourself. The costs of repainting will be stabilising solution, masonry paint, brushes and rollers and the hire of scaffolding. 

Think about the colour that you will use to paint your home. White may seem like a great option because it looks bright and clean. However, you should consider how long it will stay looking clean for before you need to repaint it.

First, start by cleaning the walls with a wire brush and soapy water. There will be a build-up of dirt on the outside of your property that will cause problems for any paint that is going to be applied to it. 

You’ll need to mask off any areas that you don’t want to get paint, such as weatherboards, or window ledges.

Then, apply the stabilising solution to your wall. This is particularly useful if your wall is crumbly in any way. Stabilising solution gives the paint something to grip too. 

Then it’s time to paint. Use a roller to cover as much area as possible, and then use your brush to paint to the edges. You may need to do several coats, so make sure you buy enough paint. The number of coats you will need will depend on the colour that your home was before. 

Bringing your exterior walls and roof back into a good state of repair will not only make you feel great about your home, but it can also add some value to your property. If you are looking to sell anytime soon, then you should certainly think about making some changes before you put it on the market.


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