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Fine Ass Chocolates: Start Valentine’s Day Off Right

Hello, everyone! You know how much I love to find unique items and gifts and these are perfect. I would like to introduce you to Fine Ass Chocolates. Based in Hawaii, Zondre Watson and Laurie Tamai started Fine Ass Chocolates in 2011. Mainly focusing on chocolates with incredible names like Salty Balls, Dirty Balls and Flaky Balls. They have all kinds of balls, and I am going to have to admit that they all are so YUMMY!!

Recently, I had the chance to check out a couple of their balls which include the Salty Balls, Dirty Balls, Flaky Balls, Sticky Balls and Sticky Butter Balls. All of them were super delicious and entirely different than most candy you might receive on Valentine’s Day. Fine Ass Chocolates really hit the nail on the head with thinking out of the box and creating an incredible chocolate. I just still can’t get past the names but let me try to tell you a little bit about each. 

Since I am a huge fan of chocolate that has a bit of salt in it, I would have to say that the Salty Balls both the dark and milk chocolate are to drool over. They have the perfect amount of salt than with the beautiful Macadamia nut inside just sends your taste buds on an adventure. The Flaky Balls also have a Macadamia nut inside and adds the coconut for the perfect flavor combination. 

After these, I tried the Sticky Butter Balls and the Salty Sticky Balls both of which fab but the Salty ball had me again. You can’t get much better than adding salt to the perfect chocolate treat. Instead of having a Macadamia nut inside these have luscious caramel, and you know how I love my caramel. 

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These would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or just as the perfect little treat for yourself. Personally, I would have a very hard time sharing these, but I guess I could share one or two. Fine Ass Chocolate is certainly something you should consider when purchasing your Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Not only are they “oh so yummy”, but they also have the funniest packaging. On the front of the bag is a donkey!! How funny is that?

Stay Caffeinated My Friends and have some Salty Balls 😉

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