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Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

I still can’t believe that this year is almost over! Can I get a “heck yeah”! Today I wanted to share with you some amazing products that I feel are fitting for the 2020 year and will last into 2021. As most of you know I am all about giving gifts that have a purpose so each product below I have used and feel they each would have a special purpose.

Holiday Gift Guide For Women

Make sure that you also check out my Dog Holiday Guide and I have many more coming this week including a special R. A guide that will be up soon. So let’s get started with my 2020 picks for women this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

My first couple of picks are all about wellness and self-care. As I predicted in early 2020 self-care is HUGE right now and giving a gift that can help a women relax or just feel better about herself is wonderful. To start I want to share something that is a perfect stocking stuffer.

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Baby Phat Beauty (Kimora Lee Simmons’ new brand that just launched this month) will be launching a new, limited edition lip gloss for the Holiday season called PINK GLASS on Black Friday. Unapologetically declare your power with this high-shine, lip plumping gloss that adds dimension to your lips. This color plumping gloss helps lips appear fuller from both the first application and over time. ‘PINK GLASS’ has a sheer-like pink tint with glassy finish that envelopes lips in high-shine color and helps create the appearance of fuller lips. Retail price: $19

Baby Phat Beauty Holiday Gloss
Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

I am totally in love with this amazing Pink Glass I adore the shine. I have very thin lips that are not plump at all but just putting this on gives the illusion that your lips are fuller. I am actually wearing it below in a picture check it out and see the difference?

Another great product to help with self-care has become a must for me! Since I don’t get out to get my nails done anymore or my feet I have been doing them at home. Needless to say they don’t look perfect but having the right shoes really can help.

Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

Redi-Pedi is a versatile 2-in-1 pedicure shoe that may be worn as a slide or flat. Ditch disposable flip-flops and give the gift of a smudge-free pedi, come rain, snow, or shine, to your favorite beauty enthusiasts. 
Created by mom-trepreneur Jacqueline Segura, the shoes are an affordable luxury at $40. Visit

Not to mention that these shoes are soooooooo comfortable!

Another amazing product that I actually just heard about this holiday season is Free-Agent Skincare and I must admit I am hooked. I will have to use it a bit longer to let you know my full impression but after reading reviews and more about this product I am confident to recommend it to you.

Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

Their Complexion Resurrection Duo is the ultimate luxurious and effective beauty gift that gives professional-level results from the comfort and safety of your home. Flash Forward is a Thermal Enzymatic Exfoliation Treatment that resurfaces the skin with lactic acid, multi-fruit enzymes, and a thermal warming complex. Lightspeed is a clinical strength Vitamin C hydrating treatment serum formulated with 10% BV-OSC Vitamin C to boost collagen and reduce sunspots for glowing skin. $149 at Amazon or 

Swisse Wellness has become another favorite of mine when it comes to different needs that a woman has. With celeb loved natural product offerings like theirAustralian Masksto Beauty, Immune, and Focus support Jellies and award winning Ultivite multivitamins, give the gift of beauty and health to your loved ones this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

I must say that when it comes to Swisse Wellness I am totally loving their Sleep Support Jellies. These babies taste so good and work so well. I have the worst time sleeping and these give me that edge that I need to sleep. Jellies I have to admit are so much more fun than taking pills!

Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020
  • SWISSE JELLY RANGE:Portable alternative to pills and gummies that fits in with a variety of lifestyles. Swisse jellies offer a new way to get a nutrient boost for your body, brain, and beauty needs. Swisse jellies are perfect for a PM pick me up after a busy day, or an on-the-go boost while traveling. With a nostalgic chewy texture, just tear off the top, and take a bite into the jelly goodness for the good-for-you grown-up treat you’ll look forward to.
    • Available in 4 different focus need types on and Amazon: MSRP $25.00 (10 count)
  • Beauty Boost Jelly – Supports naturally radiant skin, containingMarine Collagen, Goji Berry Extract, Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera
  • Focus Boost Jelly –Supports healthy brain function, memory recall, concentration and focus, containingCera-Q, Yerba Mate and Green Tea Extract 
  • Immune Support Jelly –Supports healthy immune function, containing Zinc, Selenium, Elderberry & Manuka Honey 
  • Sleep Support Jelly –Supports occasional sleeplessness with 5mg of Melatonin, Tart Cherry Extract, and GABA 
Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

Another amazing line to consider when it comes to self-care is Auntee B. I was able to try a couple of their products and trust me if you want to make her happy and her skin jump for joy check out the amazing Key Lime Whipped body butter.

Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

This will make the skin so stinking soft and the smell is out of this world amazing. They also offer an amazing line of different lotions including their Eczema & Psoriasis Moisturizing Skin Salve, which has amazing reviews.

If you have very untamed hair such as myself this is the gift for you or that special someone. The VIBRAstrait Dual Temperature Oscillating Flat Iron, which right now comes with a FREE Travel-size Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo & Conditioner is the perfect gift.

Holiday Guide For Women

The unique technology of vibrating plates allows Vibrastrait ESSENTIAL 1.5†Vibrating Flat Iron to shuffle hair seamlessly for a smoother, easier glide. Cuts down on styling time, no pulling or tugging. Less damage for stronger healthier hair. PLUS, enjoy FREE Travel Pouch + FREE Supersilk Pure Indulgence Shampoo 3 oz., Conditioner 3 oz and Leave In-Treatment 1.7 oz. (Travel Size), a perfect hair care collection to tame frizz and make hair smooth and sleek.

Another gift that I think is fitting this year for really anyone and any stocking is the Plague Slayer Hand Sanitizer.  Ballsy, the maker of men’s grooming products is bringing their balls out attitude to safety and sanitizing! In response to consumer demand, they have newly debuted the Plague Slayer hand sanitizer. It has 70% Ethyl Alcohol, soothing Aloe, no fragrance, and has super fun packaging! Plus, a portion of all profits are being donated to support healthcare workers.

Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

This is actually my first pick over any hand sanitizer because as a woman I tend to wear a fragrance and I don’t want my sanitizer to mask that. Just my option but I really think this is a kick ass brand.


2. Noshinku – BRAND NEW LINE!!! Noshinku is good for your skin, keeps your hands clean and smells fresh. It’s a pocket sized sprayer, premium bergamot scented hand sanitizer spray derived from organic ingredients including sugar-cane based alcohol, rosehip seed, jojoba and italian bergamia oil. Noshinku is bottled in a soft-to-the-touch black matte mister that fits neatly in your pocket for clean and fresh hands anywhere. Each Noshinku pocket sprayer provides 300+ spritzes compared to the 15 average uses from a comparably sized gel container. 

Holiday Guide For Women

3. Guru Nanda 12 Pack Hand Sanitizer is an ideal spritzer to keep moisturized, clean hands on the go? It’s a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer, perfect everyday companion because it is enriched with true lavender essential oil and coconut oil. Plus, it comes in a 12 place to last the week (and then some).Available at Target stores nationwide and (!!!

Holiday Guide For Women
Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

Woodulisten is a very unique gift for that special someone. Not only are these speakers totally beautiful but they sound amazing. The Woodulisten speakers from My Audio Pet are sophisticated and elegant Bluetooth speakers made from real wood, making for the perfect functional accent piece anywhere in the house.

They are available as either a single speaker or a set of speakers that can be paired together to create an amazing Stereo Audio Experience. They also feature a built-in mic for integration with Alexa or Google, which is a perfect fit for anyone with a smart home.

One thing I love about these speakers is not only that they are beautiful but how they can go perfectly into anyones home no matter what kind of decor one has.

Another amazing gift is from Clean Access. I was super tickled when I saw these online being that I am in the high “death risk” for COVID and other illnesses this is something that really tickled my fancy.

Holiday Guide For Women
Holiday Gift Guide For Women 2020

You are probably interacting with some of those germ hot spots every day without even realizing it! Not sure which surfaces are secretly harboring germs? We’ll name a couple for you:

  1. Public ATMs & Touchscreens. GROSS!
  2. The Buttons at the pumps at gas stations.
  3. The most common of all; Bathroom door handles!

They come in beautiful finishes that any women would love to have on her key chain. Personally, I am attracted to the rose gold. So beautiful and I don’t have to worry about touching things when I am out. I do keep wipes on me so that I can clean them down each time I use them.

Please make sure to bookmark this page. With everything running so slow I am slow getting information about products to share with you. I will be sure to share via social media each time I get new products. Please check back.

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