Farm Fresh Potted Plants Right To Your Door With Lively Root

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With the holiday season coming in strong and everyone doing things a bit differently this year, I wanted to suggest an amazing option when it comes to gifts or something for your own home. Farm fresh potted plants right to your door directly from Lively Root is a wonderful option this holiday season.

What I love about Lively Root is that they really offer a huge selection of plants from their Pet-Friendly Collection or Easy Care Collection. As well as a wonderful selection of holiday ideas as well.

Lively Root

One that caught my eye was the Lemon Cypress Christmas Tree. I just thought this was so beautiful and a perfect addition to our home. As another suggestion, they also have a stunning wreath just for the holiday season.

For this posting I chose the Lemon Cypress Christmas Tree because this is really something that I can have fun with all year round. This tree came in the wicker basket which I adore and really goes well with the rest of our home.

Lively Root

I am the type of person that usually ends up (by accident) killing my houseplants, I do confess, but the Cypress is the perfect plant for me!! It is super easy to take care of and needs watering once a week.

They usually will grow to about 3-foot tall so you could use this year after year for a beautiful table top Christmas Tree.

I would highly suggest as an alternative this year to the standard Christmas gifts to get a plant. Since we all are staying home more it really can help with the mood of a home and actually help your mood as well.

You can head on over to Lively Root and find that perfect gift or addition to your home with delivery in time for Christmas. Happy Shopping and lets help bring some green into our homes.

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