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Creating a Home Bathroom That’s So Relaxing You Won’t Need a Spa

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Most of us can probably agree that a day at the spa is one of the most relaxing ways that we can spend our time. We work hard, we run businesses, we work long hours around our families and other commitments, we commute, and we try to keep our homes tidy. On top of all that, we try to look after our friends and family and even have a bit of a social life. It’s no wonder that so many of us feel burned out, tired, and stressed. When things start to get too much, nothing beats a spa day. A day at the spa, enjoying a massage and all of the facilities is a wonderful way to unwind and release tension. It’s a great chance to do something for yourself and to either get some peace on your own or to catch up with your best friend. 

But, why should you have to wait until you are tense, stressed, and tired to get some relaxing you time? Why shouldn’t you be able to treat yourself at home? Create the perfect, relaxing bathroom, and you won’t have to worry about heading off to the spa every time that you need to relax. You’ll be able to run yourself a hot bubble bath and enjoy a little break. 

Make the Bath Your Focus

Much of your relaxing time in the bathroom will be spent in your bath. So it should be your focus. Invest in the biggest tub that will fit your space. Think about how deep you want it, whether you want fitted or stand-alone? Would you like massage jets or a corner bath with a seat? Look at your options, your space, and your budget, and fit a bath that suits your needs and taste. 

Add Plenty of Storage

You’ll never be able to fully relax in your bathroom if it’s messy, dirty, and cluttered. Add plenty of storage, looking at options from NVS Kitchen and Bath to make sure you can keep it tidy, even with all of your home spa supplies, and try to stick to a cleaning rota to keep it sparkling and hygienic. 

Create a Calming Space

Think about what makes you feel calm and relaxed. Try to keep your walls light colors like pale blues and neutral shades and avoid bright and loud accessories. If the room is small, mirrors and other reflective surfaces can help it to feel more open. You might also want to install a waterproof radio, to listen to relaxing sounds while you soak. 

Focus on Aroma

When relaxing, the smells that surround you are important. You won’t want to smell damp, but you won’t want to be overwhelmed with the scent of cleaning products either. Scented candles, in mild aromas, soft florals, and essential oils can all be perfect. 

Keep it Well Stocked

Is there anything worse than thinking about a bath all day only to find that you’ve got no bubbles, or your favorite scrubs and oils have run out. Keep your bathroom well stocked with all of your favorite products, candles, fluffy towels, and even keep your favorite drinks and snacks close by. 



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