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Buying New Vs. Buying Old

Image by Sabine Lange from Pixabay 

When it comes to buying new items, no matter what they are, while they are unique to you, sometimes it’s a good idea to get them second-hand. In fact, more often than you might think it can be well worth buying used as you can get the item for much cheaper, in excellent condition and you’re recycling, so saving on waste and being kind to the environment as you’re taking someone’s trash off their hands and putting it to good use. It might even sometimes be worth getting something broken for free or almost free as there is always the option of appliance repair to fix something up and make it as right as new. So, while there are many things you can buy fresh, what are the excellent options for buying used?

Gym Equipment

Exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, and dumbbells, are usually kept in reasonable condition as many people buy them intending to start a regimen but fall off quickly and then try to unload these bulky goods that take up too much room. Before you purchase used though, make sure you research the brand and test the equipment before you buy.

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Anything With A Lifetime Warranty

Even if an item isn’t in top quality, a lifetime warranty guarantees the company will fix or replace it for you, so if someone’s selling something and they’re advertising that, then you know it’s well worth it. 

Hand Tools

There is no reason to buy new tools such as hammers and wrenches. Head down to a pawnshop as these are a great place for used tools and a lot of the time they will be coming from trade because people change jobs.

Gift cards

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Buying gift cards used may seem like an unusual idea, but it’s becoming more mainstream as a unique way to save money. Take a look at sites such as, and you’ll find that you can save 10 to 30 percent on store credit at your go-to shops, or gift cards you can give as presents.


At the rate new technology comes out, a used phone or laptop from five years ago probably isn’t worth the buy. But last year’s model could be a great value without being totally out of date. Apple sells certified refurbished laptops and computers with limited warranties, places like Cex sell refurbished smartphones and laptops, which are usually good quality. Just beware of buying used tech from companies you don’t know though.

Sports Equipment 

Equipment for specific sports, like skis or golf clubs, are also a good idea to pick up used as they are something that beginners often buy when they take up the sport, but they don’t always stick to it meaning that the items are still in excellent condition. And then if you’re a beginner and you don’t know whether you’ll continue with the sport, it’s always nice not to go shelling out hundreds on new gear and then being the one to sell it, so save yourself some money and headache and buy used in the first place. 

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