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Even More Reasons To Say Yes To More Candles

If you are a lover of interior decor, you’re not alone. The problem is that most people out there have their opinions about what looks good and that won’t always align with what YOU think looks good. The thing you have to remember here is that your house, your rules! If you want to decorate your house with lots of throw pillows, you can. If you have an abundance of rugs and blankets, you can keep adding to it – the choice is yours. 

noelle australia 6ElnH17iD 8 unsplash
Even More Reasons To Say Yes To More Candles

The best part is adding candles. You may already be a lover of candles dotted on all surfaces around your home, and you’re not alone in that! Candles offer coziness and a level of ambience that you can’t get with other types of decor. For centuries, candles have been used for lighting the way before electricity came along and now, companies like White Fox Candle are using candles as a way to enhance your home and your senses. Besides just lighting the wick, candles have a purpose and we’ve got even more reasons you should say yes to buying more candles for your home. Let’s take a look:

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  1. You’re going to invoke some great memories. Smell and memories go together. Remember the smell of the fields you would play in as a kid? When you get that waft you’re going to be transported back to those moments playing in the daisies and picnicking by the lake. Candles have the power to do the same thing. You can get scented candles that smell of linens and exotic beaches and fruits. Those are going to invoke some beautiful memories.
  2. Candles add a little lust to the space. Romance and candles go hand in hand, don’t they? If you want your home to feel romantic, candles on the windowsills and on the dinner table allow you to set a mood. You don’t have to use scented candles here but if you do, don’t pick anything too overwhelming so that you are better equipped to enjoy your night without feeling overwhelmed by scent.
  3. They’re a great way to express yourself. If you love flowers but you don’t have the capability to keep them alive, burning candles that smell like your favorite ones is a great idea! Everyone has a fragrance or flower they love the smell of the most and candles allow you that without letting you kill any plants. 
  4. They can work to relieve stress. If you’re dealing with stress, burning candles scented with lavender, or lemongrass and ginger will help you to unwind, relax and really relieve that stress you’re feeling. Life is hard and there is no doubt about it; but rather than constantly feel that stress you can let that go!

Candles are going to enhance your home and make you feel like you are living comfortably. Saying yes to more candles doesn’t mean that you are overloading your home, simply enhancing it in the best way. Say yes to more candles today!

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