Bedroom Glamour Made Easy

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So many people think that a glamorous bedroom space is a difficult and expensive thing to achieve, but that could not be further from the truth. Whether you have a million-dollar budget or a much more modest one, there are so many simple things you can do to give your bedroom a sophisticated touch of glamour…

Go big with the headboard

A really simple way to make your bedroom instantly more glamorous is to add a big, rich headboard max from velvet, leather, or maybe even natural wood depending on your home decor preferences. Try to find (or make) one that’s at least twice as high as your bed and it will instantly transform the space.

Do it with decorative glassware

You know that beautiful decorative glassware that you always see in that one home furnishings store that’s a bit more sophisticated than the rest? It’s elegant and comes in inviting shades of purple, pink of gold? That stuff is ideal for adding a touch of class to the bedroom. Whether you choose a vase for your vanity or little trinket pots to line the window ledge, the more glass you have in the room, the better the light will diffuse and sparkle around the space, creating an attractive and intimate feel.

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Always have fresh flowers

Whether you buy them from the artisan florist or pick them from your own yard, there’s nothing quite like having a vase of fresh flowers in the bedroom to add to the glamour factor. Not only do they look quietly elegant, but they add color, shape, and texture to the room, not to mention the fact that they’ll have it smelling divine in no time too! Flowers are sophisticated so use them liberally.

Faux furs are fabulous

Remember all those old movies where the stunningly beautiful heroine would be curled up in bed surrounded by sumptuous furs looking cozier than anyone has a right to be? You can recreate that glamour yourself by investing in a couple of high-quality faux fur throws and layering them up on the bed. They’ll look great and the extra texture they bring to the room will give it a feeling of being more stylized and “put-together” than the average bedroom.

Mirrored furniture is magical

Mirrored furniture from dressing tables to bedside cabinets, looks effortlessly chic, providing you keep it clean and polished of course. It sparkles enough on its own, but when the sunlight or the flickering flames from or candles reflect on it, it really comes into its own and transforms your bedroom from a normal place to a truly magical space.

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Lots of candlelight

I don’t know why, but candles are just so glamorous. Maybe it’s the soft light they diffuse or the rich scents they release when they’re lit, who knows. What I do know though, is that adding a few candles to your bedroom will make it seem a million times more sophisticated, especially when it’s dark out and they’re the only thing lighting the space. Plump for the best quality candles you can afford and display them in pretty glass hurricane lamps or rose gold candle holders and see how amazing they make the place look.

Splurge on silk sheets

If you can afford them, silk sheets not only ooze glamour, but they’re extremely pleasant to be tucked into too. What’s more, they’re easy on your hair and skin as you sleep, so you can wake up looking as glam as the room you’re in!

Plump for pillows

When it comes to glam in the bedroom, you can never have enough pillows and cushions. The key is to choose a lot of complementary pillow in terms of style, color, and texture, and arrange them in eye-catching ways on the bed. Mix feather pillows with faux fur and silk sari cushions, blacks with whites and silvers or huge pillows with small decorative versions, and have some fun with it.

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Show off some statement art

All of the most glamorous people seem to love art, so hanging your very own print in prominently place in your bedroom is a great way to make the space even more amazing. From pencil drawings of tasteful nudes to gold leaf-covered abstracts., there’s no right or wrong way to do art in the bedroom, but make sure it’s sophisticated and try to have it match the theme of your room as a whole for best results.

As you can see, going glam in the bedroom is far easier than you think, and it can be a pretty affordable option too!

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