7 Bad Habits You Should Avoid Right Away For A Better Life This Year

Do you want a better future? Avoid bad habits. Not again

If you feel affected by the title, then the more you should read on. All of us have these bad habits we don’t need in our life, but they seem to always creep in. I know they’re hard to break; that’s why you’re inwardly groaning right now.

From the word itself, a bad habit is a negative behavior pattern, according to Definitions. A particular practice is already wrong when it disrupts your regular daily routine, and hinders you from achieving your goals and dreams in life. 

But before you can get rid of these bad habits, you have to identify them first. In this post, I have gathered 7 bad habits that you should stop immediately for a better future. 

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1. Procrastination 

Sleeping as procrastination and a bad habit to avoid

Do you have the habit of stalling tasks? Filipinos call it a Mañana habit, which means putting off simple tasks to a later time. Usually, when we delay simple things instead of doing them right away, they are eventually forgotten.

Our success also depends on our attitude over small things, be it a task or an accomplishment. So, if you can’t do simple things right away, how would you succeed in more significant achievements in life?

Save yourself from the trouble of not being able to attain your goals, and ditch all unnecessary shilly-shally right now. 

2. Indulge in vices

Vices. No one seems to talk about them. People hide this dark side of them. When the road gets rough, we tend to turn to vices like smoking, drinking, or gambling. It does relieve the pain or whatever you’re undergoing but only short-lived.

When you couldn’t find the sense of everything, distractions are not the answer; they’re only hindering yourself to face reality and deal with the problem head-on. 

The more you indulge in vices, hide them, and feed that beast inside you, the harder you can control them. Or you would rather live with this bad habit?

“Be at war with your vices…” Benjamin Franklin

How can you battle with your urges to these unhealthy habits? It’s either you keep them or get rid of them. If you choose the first one, then own it and face the consequences. 

But the best option would be getting rid of them. You don’t need these hindrances to real happiness in life. 

3. Complaining all the time

This reminds me of a high school teenage girl who can’t get what she wants in a jiffy. But you’re not a teenage girl anymore, or probably, you’re not even a girl, and not all teens act so shallow like they portray in films.

Complaining brings simply negative vibes. Imagine being with your friend who always complains about everything, and even over simple matters. 

If you are that person, change the way you think and always remember that nothing stays the same. You have to learn to adapt to every situation, and kvetching about it wouldn’t make it better in the first place. 

So save your breath, move forward, and plan on how you can make your future better. 

4. Always saying YES

It’s okay to say, “no.” Many don’t know this fact and think when they negate it, it is impolite. 

Always saying no is a bad habit you should quit now
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

For heaven’s sake, no! 

Think of yourself first when you don’t feel like saying yes. When you say yes to someone, though you don’t feel like saying it in the first place, you’re robbing yourself of the chance of happiness for your own good. Instead, you’re thinking of another person’s feelings and opinions. 

That shouldn’t be the case, by the way. You were not born to rely on people’s approval, and you are not here to please everyone either. 

So, if you want to garner that Yes Man award, then brace yourself for an overwhelming ride of your life. 

But if you love yourself, and your health and time do really matter to you, learn to say “no,” too. Especially when it doesn’t even benefit your future self, but on the contrary. 

Self-care is not being selfish in this context, it’s more of self-love and self-determination to do what’s best for yourself.

5. Negativity

No to negativity as a bad practice
Image by athree23 from Pixabay

While it is okay to say NO, expressing negation about something often draws the society to raise its brows. No one wants to experience a bad vibe from a negative expression. Emotions are contagious.

Negativity kills happiness. No matter how optimistic you are when you always hear and are still the receiving end of negativity, it would likely influence you somewhere along the line. 

Oprah Winfrey also said, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

You only live once, and you don’t have plenty of chances to improve your life. Surround yourself with the same goals as yours and who wouldn’t bring you down. 

Getting rid of these people in your life may sound so harsh, but you can set limits and distance yourself slowly. You don’t have to stick around whiners and toxic people and let them rule your own life and even emotions. 

Life is not a bed of roses, and everywhere we look around, there’s always unfortunate happening. Still, we can take a break from it all by avoiding falling in negative bias just by hanging around negative people.

The worst scenario, when you hang around people:

  • who don’t have goals in life,
  •  a naysayer in the sense of denying their own capabilities to achieve a particular purpose or task who turn to vices as a method of distraction and to find a temporary euphoria. 

That’s undoubtedly an easy road to destruction when you choose this kind of madness. 

But you don’t need all of that, instead, surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.

6. Selling yourself short

bad habits to avoid in life for better future

What if you’re doing it wrong? What if people laugh at you or at your mistakes? What if you will fail? What if you’re not smart enough?

Too many what-ifs in life, why can’t we just try our best? Easier said than done. But often these questions and doubts are blocking us to our goals in life, and the hard fact is, we are the culprit. 

What really hinders you is your self-doubt and a lower self-confidence that dictates you like a small inner voice that you can’t do it.

Having self-doubt is entirely expected, and we’re only humans who are vulnerable to these emotions and thoughts. But what you can do is, doubt this insecurity and fight it by proving yourself. What if you’re indeed strong enough to make it? 

Do not let self-doubt ruin your dreams and your endeavors in life. Start every day where you are now, and build confidence by not giving up in your dreams. 

You are stronger than what you think you are, always remember that. 

7. Comparing yourself to other people

I am trying not to hate it since it’s human nature to compare oneself to others. Every one of us is unique. We are gifted in any other way, and we can’t have everything and can’t do everything.

That’s a fact that keeps on motivating me. You don’t have to compare yourself to other people because it’s just a waste of time. Work on yourself more and do everything you can to achieve your goals and be successful in life. 

Be patient, and be grateful for what you have without giving up on your dreams. Focus on yourself and abilities, and ally more with yourself, than compare your strengths and achievements with other people.

Remember, we are born unique with our own abilities and capabilities. Instead of being envious (which is sometimes the consequence of comparison), let us be inspired and motivated for what others have attained so far. 

There are plenty of bad habits we could name that we have to quit as soon as possible. You might be wondering why you’re not succeeding, maybe now is the time to ponder over your habits. Which one don’t you need and hinders you from completing your tasks?

We all have our own demons to fight, what’s yours? Let me hear in the comments down below.

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