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10 Facts Every Woman Should Know

What do you think are the 10 facts every woman should know? Putting on makeup? How to drive? How to create a fire without a lighter?

While those things are also essential, not only for women, well except for the makeup part, there are things that women should know and learn seriously.

Being a woman comes with a huge responsibility. Society demands and expects things that a woman should do. Oftentimes, it is not healthy, sometimes it is destructing.

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But you know what, don’t listen to society’s expectations when you know what you should be doing, not for society but for yourself alone.

Sure, no man is an island but most of the time, when you need help, you are on your own, girl.

So let’s discover those things every girl should know to rock the best life.

10 facts every woman should know

– Stop pleasing people

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Whether you’re a woman or not, we all can agree that women have it tough. They are constantly judged and pressured to please everyone. But the thing is, we should stop pleasing people. It’s time for women to stop being so nice and start being themselves in any environment.

There’s a difference between being kind and being a people pleaser. People-pleasing stems from insecurity and low self-esteem. When you always have the habit of pleasing people all the time, giving them all your time and energy, you are slowly stealing yourself the worth and dignity you should have in the first place.

Kindness is an act of showing generosity, affection, and love to others without expecting something in return.

But what people often forget – showing love to ourselves is one great example of kindness.

If you always please people, agree to what they say, and like because you’re afraid you’ll be ostracized in expressing your opinion and you may lose those individuals in the process, you’re signing yourself up for more stress and it makes you even more inauthentic.

If you love yourself and want to be kind to yourself before you lose yourself for trying to win others’ affection and attention, practice self-care and stop letting people take advantage of you and your inability to say no.

– Be unique

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In the world of TikTok and Instagram influencers, latest trends, and fashion brands, sometimes we can’t help but follow what’s in and what we are supposed to have and do. Why do we do that eh?

Maybe because of FOMO? Fear of missing out.

But don’t you know that following all those trends and society’s expectations only ruins you and your happiness?

Yes, especially when you always follow the norms and can’t decide anymore what’s good for you.

You live for the other people. You seek validation from others without knowing in the end, you will never be satisfied because you’re not being true to yourself and what you really want to do.

And by the way, FOMO is getting serious and ironically getting common nowadays. According to a psychologist, FOMO can cause stress in our lives.

Let’s just think of trends getting really viral day by day. Some of those trends are nonexistent 10 years ago but all of a sudden, everybody seems to be doing them, making them almost ordinary, like it’s normal for us to do them and forcing us to follow through.

Social norms are unwritten rules and they always change as people and society constantly change.

If we don’t follow social norms, we feel out of place and outdated, we’re the outsiders and outcasts – that’s the punishment we could think of and it happens in real life, not only in teen flicks.

But on the other hand, if you don’t dress the same way all Instagram influencers do, and you don’t care what people think, you feel free and unique.

Our life is too short to live to everyone’s expectations. Live for your life, girl, and follow what you want when you know it gives you peace of mind and happiness.

If you don’t want to be the princess, the monarch, I mean the society, orders you to be, then build your own castle.

– Be financially independent

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I know some guru, not personally though, who teaches individuals to get some rich guy as a boyfriend and husband and have him pay for everything.

I love some of her tips but upon hearing this, I just can’t agree with that. Just no.

It’s not just about the rich guy part.

Women should have their own money. Girls, we can’t always rely on men financially.

Gone are the days that we women should only do the things men expect us to do at home -clean the house, stay in the kitchen, feed the children and pets and yeah make the man happy.

Women can do more vital roles than that and have more potential than other men do. No wonder men get higher salaries than women because women can have more sources of income like from side hustles.

As a woman, you are also responsible for managing a family and the costs of the house and whatnot. Women are also good at budgeting and prioritizing things, and they know better what the family needs versus what the family wants.

If a woman is dependent on the man financially, she will be crippled when the time comes that they have to separate ways unless the man leaves her a settlement which is a very rare case.

Relationships are not really those Harlequin romances that your billionaire ex will give you a separation fee after agreeing to be his fake girlfriend.

In real life, you fight and you’ll be kicked out of the home and you’re homeless and penniless. To make it worse, you’re also jobless.

– Learn more skills

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You wouldn’t want to write ”influencer” on your resume when you know some people don’t believe that word or job does exist.

Heck, even blogging is just a hobby for some people. And I’m not downgrading influencers who earn honest money and feed their families with their Instagram and TikTok accounts.

But if you read stories like this, you would also doubt that influencer thing at some point.

Besides, growing a social media account is risky because you don’t own it. Instagram could close your account regardless of how many followers you do have already or if your life depends on it like a controversial influencer who was also featured on Dr Phil’s show.

If you don’t want to find yourself on the same path as influencers and individuals who cried online because they are not cut out to work, don’t have skills and they’re nothing without their followers, then it’s high time to consider using your skills or learn new skills.

Besides, you shouldn’t sell yourself short and believe that you can’t do anything other than the ones you can do right now.

If you don’t know how to create a website, then learn it. If you want to pursue another career online, then do it. If you want to create a side-hustle from writing, then start building your portfolio after you’ve learned the ins and outs of content and copywriting.

All of those are possible although you haven’t even attended university to learn how vectors work, the difference between PHP and HTML, or when to use their, there, and they’re.

Aside from being independent financially, a woman with a lot of skills can survive no matter the circumstances in life she will have. When Covid19 has made a lot of people lose their jobs, women who don’t rely on one skill and one job survive.

You’ll get by if you have learned more skills and you are more than prepared for the unexpected in the future, whether you’ll be fired, you have to move cities, or get tired of doing the job you’ve been doing for 10 years.


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– Know what you want in life

Why is it important to know what we want? If you don’t know what you want, people around you will be the ones who will dictate what you should be doing with your life.

Knowing what we want helps us set goals. It helps us to find our purpose in life and pursue it. It also helps us to identify the things that are not good for us and avoid them.

We can make better decisions in life if we know what we’re signing for especially when we are confronted with difficult decisions.

Knowing what we want is one of the most important things for a woman. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about knowing what we want to do with our lives, who we want to be with, and how we want to spend our time.

Being able to know what you want is an important skill that will help you in your life and in your career. Knowing what you want will also help you when it comes to making decisions and taking risks.

Many think and believe pursuing what you want in life has something to do with money.

Get a corporate job wherein you take home half a million dollars every year. Live in an upper-class area where you are inspired to work your arse off, or book a flight to Morocco and enjoy the azure blue water.

Do these things make you happy in the long run if you work for them?

Haven’t you asked yourself, why people who seem to have everything fall into depression?

Simply, they’re not contented with what they have. And it has nothing to do with finances when they have everything anyone could ask for.

What they have is apparently not what they wanted. But I’m not saying, they choose to be beggars instead and just ditch the high life.

In some cases, I do believe it happens no matter what other people think how stupid that is. Think of Buddha who gave up his life as a prince and sought the solution of suffering.

So think of the things you need and what makes you happy. Work for them and always keep a positive mindset.

Please, rest

You only think you’re obliged to do the things you wanted to do. You feel guilty when you don’t finish the tasks in time.

As a result, you tire yourself out not only physically but also mentally.

Sometimes you lash out at people close to you for not doing the things they’re supposed to be doing. But girl, when you’re working like a non-stop machine 24/7, do not expect other people to imitate what you are doing to yourself.

Come to think of it, if they manage to indulge themselves in hours of rest, surely, you can too.

No one demands you to tire yourself out unless you’re a slave in the 21st century.

Only you have set the standard so high that you cheat yourself from taking a break if you are tired from everything.

This is not a race – you should rest from time to time and you deserve it.

If you’re not alone, living with friends or your boyfriend/husband, you should talk about your concern so you could distribute tasks and you don’t have to carry all the responsibilities.

Communication is key.

When you have to rest, then take it. You’re doing yourself a big favour.

Get the right clothes and size

Perhaps it may sound funny, but some people, or let’s say, Filipinos often use the phrase, ”One should suffer for the sake of being beautiful.”

But why should women suffer just to look good and feel good?

Surely, we can find ways to be comfortable in our own skin.

First, buy the right size of clothes. If you gained weight and don’t have that size 2 anymore, accept it and buy the appropriate fit.


Instead of holding your breath, so you appear thin and stop the top from bursting, it is better to save yourself from all trouble and wear the size in which you are comfortable in public.

Here’s how you can improve your confidence as a woman. Remember, being confident has nothing to do with your weight, bank account and appearance.

– Learn how to have street smarts

Surely you have read it everywhere, online and on tv, being a woman is a challenge especially if she’s on her own. She has to fight her own battles and has to defend herself when she needs to.

Being a woman in a chaotic world, having street smarts is one of our weapons to get by.

So what does it mean to be street smart?

According to, street smart is a shrewd awareness of how to survive or succeed in any situation, especially as a result of living or working in a difficult environment, such as a city ghetto neighbourhood.

Cambridge also cited that street smart is the ability to manage in difficult or dangerous situations, especially in big cities.

SafeWise safety expert Sarah Brown describes street smarts as having common sense.


To be street smart doesn’t necessarily mean you have to defend yourself and fight all the time rather you should know how to pick your own battle.

Having street smarts means you know when and how to remove yourself from the worst-case scenarios and possible dangers.

So how can you be street smart as a woman?

– If you’re living alone, check all your locks and windows. Are they secure? Do you have an escape plan when someone threatens to barge in? Can you call the police immediately?

– If you’re walking alone at night, it is better not to use headphones so you’re aware of the surroundings. Looking over your shoulders and scanning the area doesn’t mean you’re being paranoid, you’re just being careful.

– Follow your instincts. Leave or call someone if you feel any looming danger especially if you’re in public or on a date.

– Don’t drink alcohol with strangers even if they’re women.

– If you’re new in the city or town, learn how to blend in and be nice to the locals. A simple greeting would suffice if you’re not comfortable with chitchats and don’t speak the native language.

– Don’t share every personal detail on your social media accounts. That means, don’t show your location, apartment address and car’s plate number.

– Just be vigilant and have common sense every time – the latter is the most important one.

By the way, here are my top picks I found on Amazon to help us feel a little more secure:

Embrace imperfections

I know it sounds cliché and a bit cheesy, but hey, this is a serious matter. Women should not be ashamed of their imperfections and instead should embrace them.

Women should bear in their mind, that it is okay to be imperfect and only society changes views on what is considered “beautiful” or “perfect”.

Heck, beautiful is the woman who knows her worth and who doesn’t have to go the extra mile to prove it to people.

She knows she has shortcomings, commits mistakes at times and has visible imperfections but she doesn’t let those back her down.

So how can you embrace imperfections?

1) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

2) Don’t let other people’s opinions affect your self-worth

3) Be confident in your abilities, even if you don’t have experience or qualifications

4) Stop comparing yourself to what others are doing

5) Be kind to yourself and those around you

6) Be mindful of your thoughts and actions

7) Find what you’re good at and pursue it with passion

8) Take care of your mental health by staying healthy, getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising regularly, practicing self-care and connecting with others.

Learn how to assemble furniture ”alone”

Even Ikea furniture can be challenging to assemble. So fellow women, we should learn this especially if we are alone or if you are the type of woman who doesn’t have an ounce of patience to wait for the man to do those things.

Assembling furniture alone helps you improve your organization skills and creativity. Though it sounds stressful putting stuff together to build a piece of furniture, admit it, it is one of the most pleasant feelings when you see your finished work.

Besides, you can also save money if you do it yourself.

Who knows, from assembling furniture you can build your own house alone in the future without or with little help from anyone.


Aside from those things we mentioned above, there are things women should teach themselves.

Stand up for yourself: Don’t be a pushover, if someone does something that makes you uncomfortable, speak up!

Be open-minded: The world is not black and white, there are many shades of grey. Listen to others’ opinions before judging them or their actions.

Be kind: Kindness is contagious and will bring more happiness into your life than anything else will.

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