Your Guide to Retail Therapy in the UAE


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If you’re looking for a fulfilling way to indulge in a shopping spree and unwind at the same time, then retail therapy is something you may want to consider. For many people, the UAE is a favorable destination for retail therapy, all thanks to its luxurious malls, tax-free shopping, and diverse range of brands.

To make your experience memorable, perhaps all you need is a reliable means of transport, such as a car rental from reputable services like Renty. And it doesn’t matter whether you fancy high-end fashion boutiques or traditional souks.

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There is something to every shopper’s taste and budget. But how do you plan the perfect shopping tour in the UAE? Read this guide to the end to find out.

How much do I need to Shop in Dubai?

You don’t want anything that may dampen your mood when going for retail therapy in Dubai. So, it is no surprise that you may want to ask how much I need to shop in Dubai.

When planning a shopping spree in Dubai, consider the factors that can impact your budget. For a more detailed estimate, plan for at least 450–650 AED per person daily. The amount you need depends on your shopping plans. Local gifts may require 200–300 AED, while splurging on gold and electronics could mean budgeting 3000–4000 AED to cover car rental.

Dubai’s tax-free shopping can make luxury goods more affordable. However, imported items and luxury brands can still be pricey.

What should you consider before starting retail therapy in Dubai?

When planning retail therapy in the UAE, avoid impulsively heading to the mall. For a better experience, plan your day strategically by browsing shopping center websites.

They often provide valuable information, such as store maps and parking details. Familiarize yourself with the layout to optimize your time and avoid frustration.

Remember to be sure about your mode of transportation. While car rental is mostly preferred because of its flexibility, you will want to ensure that you choose a service you can trust. 

Let’s have a quick look at five more tips for planning a shopping trip in Dubai;

Be a Conscious Shopper

With the sensory overload of stores, you must stay focused on your goals. Begin by identifying what grabs your attention.

You can then consciously redirect it towards your shopping list or objectives. But before setting foot in a store, remind yourself what you need to purchase. After that, maintain clarity on your shopping goals to avoid unnecessary distractions and impulse buys.

Have Multiple Payment Options

Some stores may only accept cash. Also, some exclusively take credit or debit cards.

So, be ready with multiple forms of payment. This will make it easier to adapt to any payment requirements and allow you to purchase what you want without any hassles.

Know Your Style

Before embarking on your adventure, reflect on your personal style preferences. Are you looking to refresh your wardrobe or experiment with new looks?

Understanding your style identity makes selecting items that resonate with your taste easier. Keeping your style in mind ensures that your purchases align with your fashion vision.

Incorporate Non-Shopping Activities

Shopping may be the primary focus but don’t overlook the opportunity to enjoy other activities. Plan breaks for a leisurely lunch or explore complementary experiences. 

These can range from art exhibitions to fashion shows etc. Take advantage of events hosted by shopping centers or individual retailers to enrich your excursion with additional pleasures.

Don’t Forget Transportation

If your shopping destination requires transportation, ensure you make timely arrangements for a car rental. Some factors you will want to consider include vehicle size, rental duration, and pick-up/drop-off locations.

Securing transportation in advance will help eliminate last-minute stress and ensure smooth mobility throughout your shopping trip.

Closing Thoughts

For many people, the UAE is a preferred destination for retail therapy, and with good reason. In addition to being more affordable for luxury goods, you have diverse options. Just be sure to plan well for the best experience.

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