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What Would You Do With Unlimited Money?

Unlimited money would be awesome. Imagine you didn’t have to cut back or go to Dollar General. What would you do? Would you be bored, or would you spend all day pursuing your passions? Or maybe you would work towards helping our current ecological predicament.

Pursuing the Luxury Life

Luxury is almost a given when it comes to having a lot of money, but not always. However, would you be able to resist the allure of 5 carat diamonds, fast sports cars, and yachts that are straight out of a Bond movie? For some, this kind of life is a dream. Yet you might find yourself getting bored of jet-setting around, meeting other rich folk, and dealing with sycophantic behavior. Then again, you have the money to do what you want, so who really cares anyway?

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gabrielle henderson pL1qsBqCatk unsplash
What Would You Do With Unlimited Money?

Doing Your Hobby All Day

Almost everyone has some kind of hobby, a dream, or a passion that they could spend the rest of their lives doing and doing it happily. Never having to work again because you have all the money you need would afford you this dream opportunity. Visiting exotic destinations with your photography equipment, building uber gaming PCs, or restoring classic automobiles, the options are endless. The only problem would be making sure you don’t neglect your family and friends. 

Unlimited Money Could Mean Philanthropy

Real philanthropists would never really describe themselves as such, working only for the betterment of mankind and just going out of their way to make someone smile. The late Geroge Michael could be thought of like this, as the singer anonymously donated £100,000 every Easter for underprivileged kids in the UK. Provided you had the means to do so, what would you do to help people? And would you do it in full public view or stay anonymous with your good deeds?

Working To Fix the Planet

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What Would You Do With Unlimited Money?

Many philanthropists also work alongside major charities and organizations to address world-ending issues. Decide for yourself whether climate change comes into this, but almost all others seem to think so. Global warming aside, there are many issues you could address if you had the means to do so. Investing in green tech is a great idea whether you believe in climate change or not. And there is something of an eco animal disaster happening in front of our eyes.

Leaving Behind a Lasting Legacy

Like most, you would probably want to be remembered fondly after you die. With the right amount of money, you could establish foundations and trusts that help others. And most colleges are only too keen to accept scholarship funds that help underprivileged kids. Or you could sign up for The Giving Pledge. Proposed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, this concept invites all billionaires to leave their fortune to various charities and good causes after passing.


The luxury life is most people’s dream when they have unlimited money, if somewhat shallow. Better uses of a vast fortune could include philanthropic pursuits or signing The Giving Pledge.

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