Big Changes to Up Your Home Value as well as Enjoyment

Big Changes to Up Your Home Value as well as Enjoyment

This past year has shown us that our home is more than just where we hang our hats. Yes, we can work from home, learn from our bedroom, and even work out in our living room. So, this year is the time for a change of scenery or at least some home upgrades. Here are big changes to up your home value as well as enjoyment.


If you have ever had a roof problem, you know that it isn’t fun. It can cause major damage through leakage, damage, and mold. Plus, it can cause you to lose precious heat in the colder months. Do your due diligence in home maintenance by checking your roof yearly. If you aren’t able or what a professional option, check our Mr. Roof for advice.

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Outdoor Spaces

The best way to up your enjoyment of the warmer months is to revamp and open up your outdoor spaces. Maximize your outdoor space whether a balcony, small patio, or porch by adding plants, lighting, and of course seating and dining options.


Although we never thought of technology as something that was part of our home value, it is now. With Smarthomes and everything becoming more automated, it is wise for value as well as hands-free living to get thermostats and security set up with technology. 

Whether you are looking to enjoy your time at home, increase its value, or both, you can’t go wrong with the above tips. 

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