picking a perfect gift for somebody in your life

How to find a perfect gift for someone for any occasion

It is better to give than to receive. Yes, it is, but we shouldn’t underestimate the power of receiving something too.

Receiving something is one of the best feelings in the world; it doesn’t matter if it’s on a particular day or not. The fact that somebody thinks of you already counts, but it doesn’t end that way; give someone without considering some factors on how to find a perfect gift to give.

perfect gift is life

Without further ado, here are the ways and factors to consider how to find a perfect present for someone:

1. Snoop, be observant and be a good listener

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When you look for a perfect and meaningful gift for someone, you have to consider what she needs, not what you think, she likes. It is the best method, especially if you’re tight in a budget since you have to think of the best present for her, which also benefits her the most without getting bankrupt. 

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Scenario 1:

You came to visit a friend, and you realize she’s cooking rice (YES, YOUR FRIEND IS ASIAN HERE) in a regular cooking pot, but she’s been voicing out that she’s not good at it.

From that visit alone, you get the idea that she might need a rice cooker. It doesn’t break your bank account since you can buy a very affordable one.

Scenario 2:

You’re with your girlfriend who is crying because she has forgotten her meeting and she needs a calendar or a tool to remind her of appointments. Well, I think there are even apps for that. Even a simple planner will do too.

Scenario 3:

You have a date with your girlfriend. She verbalizes surprisingly with a matching pout that her watch looks old while you are standing in front of the Gucci store.

You know what to do. But, be smart and witty. If you think a person deserves it, she’ll have it. But you have to consider your budget too, and the feelings of the person towards you. If you’re a guy, beware of a gold-digger girlfriend. 

2. Know the person very well

You’re giving a gift to someone; it is only logical that it should be about her and not about you.

The person would appreciate your gift if it speaks for herself, like a representation of her. You wouldn’t like it when you only get a plain thank you, and not an enthusiastic thank you with a beaming smile on that person. To avoid that, you have to know the recipient of the gift. 

If she’s an acquaintance or a workmate, ask the people closest to her, what she likes, and she does during her free time. If she’s a writer or a blogger, a planner or writing-related items might be relevant to her.Â

If she’s someone close to you like your girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother, then it’s way easier to pick a gift for her.

You shouldn’t think and expect that a family member will always appreciate what you have to give without even thinking or considering what she likes to receive in the first place.

Some ideas based on a person’s hobbies, likes, or personalities:

Writer/Blogger: Pen, Planner, Notebook

Nurse: Tumbler, Nursing Scrubs or shoes

Gamer: Playstation charging station, Monopoly Fortnite Game, Gaming Mouse Pad

Introvert: Mug, T-shirt (see more on this site)

Reader: Reading lamp, bookmark 

Teacher: Personalized school supplies and a mug will be suitable for break time

Traveler: Travel towel, travel planner, toothpaste tablets

You know what I mean.

3. Be creative and do some research

Do not just wrap a photo album because you ran out of ideas on what to give. There’s nothing wrong in handing photo album, but make it a bit creative and a bit personal depending on the relationship you have with the recipient.

You can visit Etsy to get some ideas if you’re thinking of DIY gifts or if you want to buy presents to save you time. 

Factors to consider how to find a perfect present

-Financial situation

Like I mentioned above, you need to consider your budget and how much you will willingly spend on a present. Aside from that, you have to consider as well the financial status of the recipient.

You may afford an expensive item, but it’s human nature that we reciprocate something for what we received. The receiver of that costly gift may feel bad if she thinks she can’t afford to give you an equally pricey gift or may get offended and figures, you’re implying that you can well afford it while she can’t.


You think a fur jacket for winter will be an ideal gift, but you miss the fact that the receiver of the present is a vegan and a proud member and follower of PETA. If she doesn’t wear at all, or you see it on the other person, you shouldn’t wonder anymore.

Your friend has body insecurities, and you think a one-year gym membership will be ideal for her. NO! Please consider other things to give her or else she would feel, you’re rubbing it in on her face on how bad her body is. 


It is quite apparent, but sometimes when it is too obvious, we often overlook it. Please don’t give a teddy bear to a male receiver. He would be happy to receive it, but not for himself, but for his daughter or sister, who will get the present eventually.

-Distance and Time

It is another vital factor if you’re ordering items online. If you want to order items from China or Japan, it is evident that it may take some time before they reach you in the USA or Europe. If you opted to create your present for someone (DIY), you have to know the difficulty of the item, if how much time do you need to make it.

Other things to consider when buying a gift:

Some items may not be appropriate or risky for children. Therefore, you have to think through if the person receiving your gift doesn’t have a toddler or children at home.

Don’t give a roller scooter to someone who has mobility problems. She may not appreciate it, and will never make use of it.

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