The Perfect Holiday Gifts: Home Edition

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Ello, folks! Long time no chat. Super sorry about that but things on my end have been bad. My RA is not under control and life is bonkers, I tell ya! Any who, today I wanted to share the perfect holiday gifts for your home. All of these would be wonderful items to add to your own home or something special for new homeowners. Most of these will have features coming soon so that you can see them in more detail as well as recipes so look for that soon. Let’s get down to it 🙂

Perfect Holiday Gifts

The Perfect Holiday Gifts: Home Edition

This year has been tough on everyone because of COVID and more people tend to be eating at home, including myself. I think this is the best thing that we can do right now to help slow the spread and keep our loved ones safe. Below you will find links to my top cooking items for this holiday season that are a MUST HAVE!

Top Cooking Products For The Holiday Season

In the home edition to our holiday guide I also would like to share two amazingly perfect products for the holiday gifting season or additions to your home.

As most of you know I adore unique items and CannedGood hit the nail on the head with their amazing lineup of soaps for your home. They are so stinking cute! I have put these both in our guest bath and our kitchen.

The soap not only smells amazing but it’s kinda funny because it is also a conversation piece. I can’t tell you how many times someone has come over to see this soap and ask me, “where did you get it”.

CannedGood offers consumers an all natural soap (no icky chemicals orunnatural fragrances) made with essential oils and shea butter,packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans (the average can is68% recycled material!).

Perfect Holiday Gifts

Reuse the lid, recycle the can, reduce the plastic waste. They are passionate about bringing a responsible solution to consumers for everyday goods.

The next addition to your home is something that everyone can use, trust me on that one. I don’t know why but some people never really think of towels, I do! I love getting new towels for Christmas and I actually have them on my list this year!

The Macy’s Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton bath towels is the perfect choice if you are trying to find new towels. I have used these actually for years and I would go with nothing else. They are so soft and when we have guests I do get compliments. I love compliments if I can make my family happy and these certainly do.

My last item for the home holiday guide are these amazing candles. I just adore candles so I had to include one company and this one really stood out for me. An amazing choice this season is the Balsam Fir fragrance.

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