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The One Robot Vac That Does Not Suck: Meet DEEBOT

Throughout the years I have tried many robot vacuums, and I must say that they always, in the end, lack something. Today I want to introduce you to the one robot vacuum that does not suck, DEEBOT model N79S. There is one big reason that I would choose this over many other robot vacuums and that is because it has a remote. I live in a remote area, and our internet is sketchy, to say the least. Having the freedom to use the DEEBOT without having to download an app to my phone is AWESOME!! If you love using an app, they have that as well making this the perfect robot vacuum I have tested so far.


So what can this baby do? EVERYTHING! The N79S model is loaded with features to keep this baby above the rest including, Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility, the 3-stage cleaning system, Multiple cleaning modes – including a “max vacuum†option with the suction power of 1,000 pa for stubborn dirt, and a Lithium battery improvements to provide up to 100 minutes of cleaning on a single charge. Even my little pup Ike was impressed.

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Personally, I love that this vacuum lasts 100 minutes and it is plenty of time to do my entire home, in fact, while I am working today it is in the living room cleaning. I know one thing that I am always worried about, and that is the robot actually bumping into things, but I have found if it does and will say that it has, it is a very gentle bump.

I have found that using this DEEBOT has reduced the time I have to take to manually clean my floors. Having two dogs, you can imagine that I do sweep and vacuum each and every day but the amount that I pick up is considerably smaller and takes less time all around. (Sorry about the hair on top of the DEEBOT, LOL)

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Another feature that I love besides the remote and I will get into that in a sec is the fact that the DEEBOT itself has two side brushes. I have found that these help tremendously when making this the best damn robot vac out there. These help to get dirt and debris off the floor and into the vacuum itself.

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Let’s chat about the remote. Everything that really needs to be done and is done on the remote itself, if you are like me and really don’t need or can use an app (though there are many more features in the app). You can set a time for the DEEBOT to schedule a cleaning, pause and start the vacuum, adjust the suction power, edge cleaning mode which the bot goes just around the outside of the room, single room mode, auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode, and return to base to charge. Literally, everything you would really need to do is on this remote, and I LOVE IT!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Even though I prefer to use the remote for everything when it comes to the DEEBOT like I said it does have an app, which can be synced. To do this simply download the ECOVACS app in the App Store or Google Play. The ECOVACS APP allows you to control your ECOVACS products while at home or away. It could replace the traditional remote controller to manage your robot products and show the real-time information which the traditional remote control cannot show. I did download the app but because again of my internet I struggled to get everything to work. Once I did finally get it, it worked perfectly, but still, prefer the remote over the app. Much easier for me to use.

I must say, that this is the best damn robot vacuum I have ever used and blew away my Dyson (which I first loved). The suction power is fantastic on this little thing and being so quiet it does not bother my father in law at all compared to a regular vacuum and other robot vacs. The price of this model is $249.98 and for me worth every penny (you can purchase it here on Amazon)! I don’t see myself ever finding a vacuum that I adore such as this. As most of you know, I donate almost everything that I get on my blog, but this might be a keeper.

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