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Hey Babe; Take Your Exteriors For A Walk On The Wild Side

When it comes to our interiors, most of us like to keep things unique. Even if we draw on inspiration from Pinterest boards or Instagram, we add touches to make those decor choices our own. Sometimes, we do away with inspiration altogether and go with the vision we have in our minds. All the better for getting the houses we want.

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Yet, when it comes to exteriors, even the most outlandish of interior decorators can get a little, dare we say it, boring. That’s right; we’re a nation of bland facades. The vast majority of homeowners will choose exterior decoration based on what’s easiest, or what blends best with everyone else on the street. We believe it’s past time to stop that bad habit.

If you’ve spent hours of creative effort getting your interiors just so, why would you leave your exteriors to let you down like this? Do you really want everyone thinking your home is like every other building on your street? 

We didn’t think so. That’s why we have some tips to help you give your exteriors a makeover with a little more personal flair.

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Get bold with color

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Most of us tend to keep our externals pretty neutral regardless of the colors we use within the home, but it might be worth letting the rainbow splash outside, too. Of course, you do need to think about resale value, so painting your entire exteriors sky blue might not be the best option. Still, yellow external walls can look great, as can pale green ones. Equally, bright front door colors are all the rage. From pink to yellow, you could set your whole house alight with this effort alone.

Don’t stick to traditional siding

If your house has siding, it’s worth getting untraditional with this, too. The latest home siding trends reveal that you wouldn’t even be alone in wanting to branch out a little here. Creative placements and toying textures are all the rage, and they could transform your exteriors like you wouldn’t believe. Imagine using bold siding on only some sections of your walls? What about playing with texture to create a shadow effect? These small steps are guaranteed to set your home apart at last. And, it looks like they’d also put you bang on-trend. 

What about some wall art?

Wall art is one of the best ways to know to add that personal touch to our interiors right now. But, did you realize that wall art is also fantastic for transforming your exteriors? There are endless exterior wall arts on offer. Whether you go subtle or bold with them, you can guarantee that these will each bring that unique exterior touch that shows guests and passers-by exactly how good you can be with decor.

If you’ve never spared much thought to the fun of your exteriors before, we suggest you head and take a look. You might find that all or one of these suggestions could make things out there wonderfully wild and personalized.

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