Taking A Bite Out Of History With GODIVA Chocolate’s 90th Anniversary Collection

As I sit here nibbling on the new GODIVA Chocolate’s 90th Anniversary Collection, I wish I could sprinkle the love that I have for this box throughout the world. Ok. That was cheezy but, this collection is amazing. You might not be familiar with GODIVA history so let me give you a brief over view of this brand that we have fallen in love with. 

For the past ninety years, Godiva has led the chocolate category through its pioneering innovation and impressive culinary artistry. Godiva’s heritage is rooted in its founding family’s skilled craftsmanship and passion for chocolate, which is upheld today by Godiva’s five Belgian-trained chef chocolatiers. Based in key markets around the world, the chefs create award-winning chocolate creations that push the boundaries of their art. Founded in a home-atelier in Brussels, Godiva now has over 600 owned boutiques and is present in more than 100 countries around the world—from Europe to Asia, from North America to the Middle East.

The new GODIVA Choclate’s 90th Anniversary Collection is bringing back some of its roots while still looking to the future. Featuring eight of GODIVA’s most iconic chocolates – one for each decade since the company’s inception in 1926. The collection is completed by the brand new ‘Egérie Noir,’ a contemporary creation of the smoothest raspberry ganache, delicately balanced with essence of rose petals, and encased in rich, dark Belgian chocolate.

Two Chocolates Never Before Available In The United States

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Included in this amazing collection are two chocolates that have never been available in the United States. I have actually heard of both of these and have always wanted to try them. The first is The Noblesse introduced in 1959. which is based off a traditional Italian recipe of rich hazelnut praliné that is skillfully blended with smooth milk chocolate.

The second chocolate that will make you totally drool for more is the Nippon which was introduced in 1972. Taking its inspiration from the brand’s arrival in Japan, the Nippon has a dark and milk chocolate center combined with elements of hazelnut praliné and puffed rice.

Both of these chocolates where so amazing just to have the chance to try but everything included in the limited edition GODIVA Chocolate’s 90the Anniversay Collection was amazing. Even being able to try the Lady Noir from 1926 gave me chills. I have always been a huge chocolate and GODIVA fan but this collection tops all that I have ever seen. Below you will see a insert that is included with the chocolates so that you can see everything that is included. 

Just when you think this collection could not get much better it does! Do you see that amazing box that the chocolates come in? That was designed by Oli-B. If you have never seen his work it is a must. The vibrant and fun work that he does is amazing!! 

In all this collection is certainly something to pick up not only if you love chocolates but history. This pulls at my heart!! I want to wish GODIVA a very happy 90th Anniversay and many more to come. You can pick these up online at GODIVA.com and in stores. The limited edition Gold Anniversary Collection is available in boxes of 9($20) and 18 pieces ($36).

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