Stand-up Tanning Beds vs Lay-Down: Which is Better

Stand-up Tanning Beds vs Lay-Down: Which is Better for You?

This article will help you distinguish between stand-up and lay-down- tanning beds and make a choice that is right for you.

Stand-up Tanning Beds vs Lay-Down: Which is Better
Stand-up Tanning Beds vs Lay-Down: Which is Better for You?

There are several tanning products available, ranging from lotions to tanning beds to spray tans. Because many individuals are scared of becoming sunburned if they sleep out in the sun, they prefer sunless choices.

When you walk into a high-end tanning clinic, you may be asked if you want a stand-up or lay-down tanning bed. If this is the first time you’ve been given this option, you might be unsure which option is better.

For the most part, everything boils down to personal choice. Both tanning beds will give you a beautiful, natural-looking tan, but the experience will be different.

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This article will help you distinguish between stand-up and lay-down- tanning beds and make a choice that is right for you.

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Advantages of Utilizing Sun Beds

The characteristic benefit of utilizing a sunbed in getting a sun-kissed tan, but they can also provide a number of other advantages, including:

  • It can aid weight loss – UV radiation in a sunbed stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide, which boosts metabolism.
  • Increases the production of endorphins, commonly known as “happy hormones,” which makes a person feel good and gives them more energy.
  • Vitamin D Activation is a process that involves activating the vitamin D receptors in the body The synthesis of vitamin D is one of the primary health benefits of tanning beds. Vitamin D has been shown to aid in the treatment of a variety of health issues, the most notable of which being Seasonal Effective Disorder.

Some Similarities between Stand-up and Lay-down Tanning Beds

Before we get into the specific distinctions between a stand-up tanning bed and a lay-down tanning bed, let’s take a look at what they have in common. These can be classified into the following groups:


Your main goal should be to create sun-kissed skin, regardless of whether you pick a lying or standing tanning booth. Indoor tanning is possible with both of them.

Countless Sessions

To get the best effects, experts suggest going to more than one tanning session. To get a foundation tan, both stand-up and lay-down tanning booths require many visits.

You should attend two sessions at least 24 hours apart, regardless of the tanning equipment you use. This will aid in the tanning process.


The mechanism employed in tanning beds is similar to that utilized in other types of tanning beds. These tanning beds employ bulbs that release UVB and UVA rays, however, they don’t create the same amount of radiation. The rays enter your skin and aid in melanin synthesis. This is the substance that causes the skin to darken. As a result, the rays aid in the tanning of your skin.

Difference between Stand-down and Lay-down Tanning Bed

Some of the basic differences between stand-down and lay-down tanning beds are as follows:

Specific Phase

Due to the increased intensity of a stand-up tanning bed, the minimum time required for each session is significantly less than that of a lie-down tanning bed—roughly 50% less.

Stand-up tanning beds should be used for a minimum of 10 minutes every session. For those who are rushed for time, this may be a determining factor when compared to the 20-minute minimum of lie-down tanning beds.


Stand-up tanning beds are around the 160-watt level, but lay-down tanning beds are generally between 100-120 watts. While a higher wattage promotes faster results, it may be too much for some people.


There will always be pressure spots that do not receive the same, even coverage as the rest of your body while using a lie down tanning bed.

When you think about lying down, what parts of your body come in direct contact with the bed? Probably your buttocks, knees, and back muscles? No direct contact is made with stand-up tanning beds, allowing for a consistent tanning experience devoid of position changes.

Which One is Better?

Now that you know how stand-up vs. lay-down tanning beds differ, it’s apparent that selecting a tanning bed is more than a matter of personal choice.

You must consider the level of tan you desire as well as the amount of time you have available for tanning sessions.

Because tanning sessions are expensive, you should try to get the most bang for your buck.

La-down tanning beds are perfect for those who like to spend time alone, resting in a secure environment. It is also suitable for those seeking a face tan, whereas Sn-Up tanning booth is the greatest alternative for indoor tanning if you have back problems and detest restricted areas.


There are several advantages to tanning beds. They can improve your metabolism by activating vitamin D in the body. Indoor tanning might also help you feel better if you suffer from a mood condition.

Every person who walks into a tanning shop has a different aim in mind. Some people simply tan for special occasions, while others attempt to keep their skin gleaming for several months at a time.

Selecting the best tanning bed should be guided by your own goals. Visit a tanning service that can assist you in meeting your requirements. A good salon would also recommend the best skincare products for you.

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