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Smart Lock Pro From August: The Perfect Holiday Lock

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So when it comes to the holiday season, you might be expecting a ton of guests, yet you might be running around for those last moment gifts or shopping for your meal plan. August has you covered with two different options, and today I wanted to share a super-easy way to secure your home and give your guest access.

smart lock

The August Smart Lock Pro is the perfect option if you are looking for a quick install to give your guests access to your home. This also will let them come and go as they please without handing out keys to everyone.

I had the chance today to actually set up the Smart Lock Pro and I must say it could not be simpler when it comes to installing. It might, at the most, taken me ten minutes to install and set up.

What I really love about this lock is that you don’t have to change out the entire lock. You are simply putting the Smart Lock on your existing deadbolt.

How Easy It is To Install Your New Smart Lock Pro From August

I wanted to walk you through the steps because this really is the easiest smart lock I have ever seen. Once you download the app from either your Apple store or Andriod, you will have little videos to follow that walk you through everything. This makes things super nice to actually see someone putting this together, rather than reading instructions and getting lost on page one.

The first thing you will do is to secure your deadbolt where the key insert is on the outside of the door.

Everything that you need is included in the box including the tape. Once this is secure you will want to get your screwdriver and take off the backside or inside of the deadbolt.

Super easy so far, right? Next, you will use the same screws and attach the new plate for the Smart Lock Pro.

Included in your box comes three adaptors so you will need to find the correct one. This is super simple and if you are having problems again the app will walk you through this.

Lastly, you will take your Smart Lock Pro and flip up the “wings”. This is what holds it to the door itself.

Once that is done you are just about finished and ready to roll. It will tell you to pull off the faceplate on the Smart Lock Pro and pull the tabs off the batteries.

smart lock pro

Lastly, you will set up your account and connect to your new lock. This is as easy as pie! You can add to your guest list right from your app and send them an invite. They can download and use the app to enter your home and leave.

I decided not to install the sensor only because of limited space in that area but it does have a senor as well that can alert you. I just really love this LOCK!!

You also can go into the app to activity and see who came and went. Another great feature is that you can set a time, which I have mine at 2 minutes for the Smart Lock Pro to automatically lock.

Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Homekit for hands-free control!!

smart lock pro

If you don’t have your phone on you and need to lock the door you can still turn the unit. I would highly suggest checkign out the Smart Lock Pro from August as I do feel it is the perfect addition to your home this holiday season. This would also make the perfect gift for new homeowners.


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