How To Work From Home Efficiently With The Help of Logitech

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As we all are getting ready for a shut down due to the virus that is just ravaging the world and now coming to the United States, I wanted to write a little posting for those of you that might need to start working from home in the next couple of days or weeks. Logitech is the leader when it comes to amazing products that can add efficiency and comfort to your home office.

Today I am going to run through a couple of my favorite products from Logitech and the ones that I use on a daily basis to help me work from home. Many of you might not have had to do this in the past and I want to make sure that you can accomplish everything you need and have the tools to do so.

Must-Have Logitech Items To Help You Work From Home

My first suggestion would be a great webcam. As many of us rely on chatting with others when it comes to working or making videos you will need the best option. In my opinion that is the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam.

Not only does this work with Windows but Mac as well which is a huge bonus. This camera is perfect for providing professional video which you need for work or even play. The BRIO ULTRA HD PRO WEBCAM is really something that is a must-see. I will share a video soon using the webcam but with this, the sky is the limit.

Logitech Keyboard options

So you have the capability to make videos and have conferences online with the BRIO but what about a keyboard? You might not think that this is important but as a person that is literally typing for 8-10 hours a day, it is. Comfort for your hands is a must and Logitech offers two keyboards that I would recommend for you.

The first is my total favorite which is the ERGO K860! I recommend this first because when it comes to comfort the ERGO K860 will give you the relief that you need. As many of you know I have had hand surgery and this keyboard is a miracle.

The split layout and convex curve promote a more natural hand and finger placement. This keyboard allows me to type just as I normally would but provides much-needed comfort and support. Working from home you will need a keyboard that is comfortable and effective. This is it!


A second option, if you multi-task is the Multi-Device K780. This keyboard is perfect if you need to use, let’s say a tablet for your schedule, text on your phone and type of your computer. This lets you easily switch between devices and have better control over all devices at one time.


For me, these are the most important things to consider if you would need to work from home or if you already do. They will provide you with comfort, reliability, and ease of use. I would highly recommend going to Logitech and checking out all their items but the items that I listed are ones that I consider a perfect option.


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