How to have a quirky fashion style

18 Best Quirky Outfit Ideas For Girls – How To Have A Quirky Fashion Style

Stand out from the rest and embrace your quirky fashion style. Take a look at your one-of-a-kind and whimsical pieces in your wardrobe then let’s go through how to incorporate these bits of you in an everyday outfit. No need to conform with society and follow general fashion dos and don’ts because, at the end of the day, fashion is art and art is the best way to express ourselves.

Now, for girls who are starting out and discovering which style resonates with them, quirky fashion style is all about going out of society’s comfort zone. A quirky girl follows her heart without jumping in on different trends. Fall in love with unique and timeless pieces that reflect what you love and what speaks closest to who you are. Like Alice, once you dip your toes into the quirky fashion style, the only way to go is further down the hole to the whimsical Wonderland.

What is the quirky fashion style?

Often, people dress up and adapt the fashion style of the group they’re in. This is specifically noticeable for people who work in various careers such as business and law professionals, artists and athletic practitioners, and more. Though society often dictates what we should and not wear, one should understand first that quirky fashion style means stepping out of these social circles we’re in.

Quirky style is all about embracing who you are and expressing it best with pieces that appeal to you (and only you). With one look at a quirky girl, you already get an idea of who she is and people often find them creative and full of life. Each piece contributes to this huge expression of her personality as if they are personally made for her.

How to have a quirky fashion style?

1. Know who you are and be confident

Since quirky style is all about owning who you are, the best way to start is to take a look at yourself. Discover what sparks joy inside of you and which pieces you are inclined to use. True confidence starts from within so go ahead and listen more to your own heart. Once you know yourself a little better, you’ll be able to explore and experiment without losing your personal touch.

2. Start small and experiment along the way

If you’ve decided to go outside your comfort zone and embrace your whimsical style, it’s best to start small. Try with one quirky piece at a time and once you get more comfortable with it, you can add more. You can also explore combinations of patterns, colors, materials, and more. Furthermore, you can also start by checking out Iris Apfel and Diana Vreeland for inspiration. The sky’s the limit so be free!

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Ways to wear have your own unique quirky and whimsical style

1. Polkadots

Not only lucky, wearing polka dots bring a very vintage 40s or 60s vibe. You can work with this pattern in different styles – try a bright fun polka dot dress paired with a matching mask and a stunning golden bag.

black polka dot skirt fashion
Pinterest: Mariana_stefaniuk

But if you are into more subtle use of these polka dots, you can just grab a black and white polka dot skirt that will also work well with a solid black long-sleeve shirt, black handbag, and black sneakers.

2. Pink pants

pink pants quirky fashion style
Source: Robaczywa

Add that pop of color to the usual shirt and jeans combo by opting instead with bright pink pants. You’ll definitely make a statement walking around in this fun combo. Besides pink, there are also great colors to explore such as yellow, green, and even pastels.

3. Glitter bag

glitter bag fashion style quirk
Source: Wearesos15

Let your bag sparkle and take center stage. A glitter bag works best with a plain outfit but doesn’t let that stop you if you intend to go all out with color! You do you.

4. Kitenge/Ankara Dress

kitenge dress fashion
Source: Houseof_prints

A dress is one of the easiest fashion pieces to work on. Good thing, Kitenge takes this clothing piece to another level with lots of colors and patterns combinations to choose from.

5. Color blocking

color blocking quirky fashion style
Pinterest: Vietgiaitri

Make color blocking work by putting together colors with the same sentiments. Whether that be neon, pastels, jewel, or other tones. Particularly, pink and red go very well and though green and pink are not an ideal combination, the red binds them together.

6. Elephant pants

One of the iconic pieces from Thailand, sport the elephant pants with a crop top and dainty jewelry pieces. Besides this, you can match it with a plain shirt to complement and let its pattern pop out.

7. Statement earrings

Elevate your usual everyday outfit with stunning statement earrings. Don’t be afraid to go big and explore different colorful designs. Tie your hair back in a lovely bun to let it show.

8. Kimono

kimono fashion style quirk
Instagram: Et_tibi

Easy and breezy outfit for the laid-back at heart, stylish kimonos can be paired with a fitted simple dress or an everyday shirt and jeans. With its Japanese influence, kimonos come in different colors and patterns to explore.

9. Iron Patch Denim Jackets

You can never go wrong with a denim jacket and it goes well with almost every casual outfit. Make your jacket stand out by picking your own patches and customizing it.

10. Daytime Sequins

In case you have a long day ahead of you, incorporate sequins into your outfit by switching your blouse or skirt with a stunning sequin piece. This will make it easier to swap from daytime to nighttime.

11. Fluffy Rainbow Sweater

Woke up late today? No worries because you can easily sport the usual shirt-jeans combo with the added quirkiness of a fluffy rainbow sweater that shows confidence.

12. Statement bag

Adding a statement bag into any outfit sure amplifies it a thousand times. Pair it with a simple combo to let the bag be the eye candy for all to see.

13. Tie-dye pants

tie dye pants quirky fashion
Instagram: Educatingthehearts

With a range of color combinations and patterns, tie-dye pants are never the same as one another. Make the most out of this unique and lively piece by pairing it with a plain top and white sneakers for a more casual take.

14. Tutu Skirt

tutu skirt fashion
Instagram: Halliedaily

Swap your usual skirt with a fancy tutu for an added whimsical appeal. Furthermore, doing so makes a usual outfit a hundred times more unique. Tutu skirt now comes in various colors to choose from.

15. Overalls

overall quirk fashion style
Instagram: Kaihonasan

Comfortable and functional, wearing an overall sure gives you the freedom to move around. Feel free to add a bright shirt underneath and perhaps a quirky necklace for a more put-together look.

16. Colorful Maxi Dress

maxi dress eccentric quirky dress
Pinterest: Atlanticpacific

A full outfit on its own, flaunt a colorful maxi dress that best suits you. Great for weekend errands or beach trips, pair it with sandals and a small sling bag.

17. Loungefly backpack

loungefly backpack
Instagram: Loungefly

Embrace the inner child within you with a Loungefly backpack. You can go simple with a shirt plus a short skirt combo and just add the backpack like a cherry on top.

18. Crochet Granny Jacket

granny crochet sweater quirky fashion
Pinterest: Libraloven

Feeling a bit chilly? Keep yourself warm with a cute and cozy crochet granny jacket. Easily ace this pairing with a simple tank top and pants.

Wrapping up

The great thing about quirky and whimsical pieces is how they attract attention naturally. It’s easy to use it as the main focal point and build up from there. Remember that quirky fashion style is all about attention to detail and pulling it off altogether with emphasis on self-expression.

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