productive things to do on the computer when you're bored

17 Productive Things To Do On The Computer Or Laptop When You’re Bored

Are you bored right now from doing the same things repeatedly on your computer or laptop? I feel you; that’s why I prepared a list of productive things to do on the computer when you have nothing to do anymore.

Aside from knowing the latest gossip of your favourite celebrities or the most sophisticated gadgets you can spend your money on, you can do more valuable and useful activities on your computer than that.

When you’re tired of browsing senseless trends online or you just don’t what to do on a computer when bored, you’re welcome to do these creative things on your computer.

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Productive Things To Do On The Computer Or Laptop When You’re Bored

Delete files – Deleting old and temporary files on your computer helps you and your laptop work faster, and it frees up more space on your computer as well. Your computer deserves to be free of baggage too.

Organise folders – After deleting files you don’t need anymore, you can arrange them according to their use. When I was once bored too, then I arranged my folders and even got them their own icons I made on Canva.

sample of one of the productive things to do on your computer is to organise your folders

Discover more on your computer or laptop – Who knows, you will find more interesting apps or functions on your computer that you didn’t see before when you explore a bit more on your computer. This is one of the things to do on the computer that you will say in the end, it’s all worth it especially when you found something worthwhile.

Learn a new skill online – Watching and listening to tutorials and courses are my favourite things I do online when I think I have nothing to do anymore. If you’re on a budget, you can find plenty of selection of videos on YouTube and Skillshare.

The latter is a paid site, but you will have a month free of access if you use my Skillshare link. Learning a new skill online is not only one of the activities to do on a computer when bored but it is one of the most valuable ways to spend your time online.

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Research interesting facts online – When you think you don’t have enough productive things to do on the computer right now then how about reading things you didn’t know before? That’s one of the wisest ideas you could ever do to drive your boredom away. And you feel much smarter afterwards.

Here are some topics you could enter on Google search if you don’t know what to do on a computer when bored:

  • the most difficult languages to learn
  • the most intelligent people in 2021
  • the rarest plant ever existed

And so on…

Trust Google to always find what interests you. Oh, and if you are on the hook to complete your dissertation, but have been putting it off, services like the SpeedyPaper dissertation writing service might help you get ahead of those boring tasks.

Find side-hustles online -This is one of the best things to do when you’re not only bored at home with your computer but you’re also looking for ways to earn more money online. Side-hustles or online jobs exist not only to entertain you when you’re running out of activities to do on a computer when bored but side-hustles help you earn more money or who knows, build your online business from there.

For example, you can design something yourself and sell it online. If you have a lot of brilliant design ideas in your head, you might want to use some makers to bring them to life! GS-JJ is one such maker – simply provide your design ideas and get stickers created at a very low price. Make these products in bulk and you can sell them online for a profit!

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Discover a new hobby online – Whether you want to improve and know more about your hobbies or add more hobbies to the list, you could always turn to your browser and search for anything which involves your hobby. Spending time with productive hobbies is one of the best ways to use your spare time.

Read interesting topics online – Feeling out-of-date already on what’s happening in the world right now? Well, ditch TikTok and Instagram first. You should read more significant stuff online and equip yourself with the latest knowledge, like until when Covid rules the world and how you can prepare yourself for the new variant.

Search for coupon codes – Probably you’re thinking this is not a good idea to do when you’re bored at home, but trust me, searching for coupon codes when you always shop online (yeah, hallo COVID), is a practical way to save your money.

It might be taxing for you to just type on Google manually searching for your favourite shop’s discount codes, so websites like JoinHoney exist for that reason.

JoinHoney has its Google Chrome extension as well. After you added and enabled it, it will give you available codes of the shop when you’re buying online. Plus, it allows you to redeem the points you have collected from your online shopping.

JoinHoney alternatives I use in Germany you gotta check out if you’re in Germany or planning to move to Germany:

Read and answer emails – Not my favourite thing to do, but it is enlightening to finally take care of those unanswered emails and important matters stuck in the email box. Emails can sometimes be a boring task, that’s why we always avoid it but ironically, reading and answering emails belong to mundane activities you can do on a computer when you’re bored.

Read novels online – I do this when I simply don’t want to do anything on and for my blog. I use Goodreads first to search for books and type on Google something like ”title of the book read online for free”. For bookworms, this could be one of the best things to do on the computer when you have nothing to do anymore.

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Find topics you can write -Do this not only because you’re bored staring at your computer, but you also need topics for your blog or (freelance) writing jobs.

Engage in online discussions or forums – You want somebody to talk to or you just need to voice out your opinion on various topics then try online discussions on Reddit, Quora, Facebook groups and Twitter.

If you’re a blogger and a content creator, engaging in discussions and answering questions and topics is beneficial to your online presence and blog content. So, find a topic or a question, write your answer or opinion and add your own link that applies to the topic.

You may not receive backlinks from those forums, but you can drive traffic to your site when people click through your link.

Revisit your online accounts – Perhaps you have several email addresses you need to open again. You might have forgotten the passwords, so you need to retrieve them. You can use these email addresses and online accounts for other things like business.

You can buy a password organiser on Amazon so you will never forget your login details anymore. But never ever lose this organizer, though. If you want to be more creative, you can create your own password organiser on Canva and make it fillable on PDF Escape.

Depending on what accounts they are, you could spruce these up. For instance, if there’s a social media profile you haven’t touched in a long time but you’re thinking about getting back on regularly, then why not spruce it up so it looks better? For example, if you have a Pinterest page, why not do some tweaks, like looking into Pinterest bio examples? You can change the profile pic, and if you’re thinking of using it for your business, then now’s the time!

Find places online in your area you haven’t visited yet -Whether you’ve been living since your childhood in your area or you are a newcomer in the city, you can always find something worthwhile to discover and visit. Who knows, you will find something historical in your area that is worth sharing with your friends and family. With just a simple type and click, you will find places and Google recommendations already.

photo representation for online searching for a new place in your area
Photo from Pexels

Search for your relatives online and the family history -Ever wondered where could be your relatives right now? Maybe you haven’t heard from them for a long time already and the last time you saw them was when you were still 5. Now is the time to reconnect with your kin and talk about what happened all these years.

Online platforms make it possible already with just a couple of clicks. Either on Google or Facebook, you can simply type in the names you remembered and you will find a couple of search results already. Another website you can use for tracing your relatives is Ancestry.

Answer surveys and earn money – It doesn’t turn you into a millionaire when you answer surveys online, but it can help you buy your coffee already. If you’re into writing your opinion, you should check out Slicethepie and if you’re into surveys, try Mobrog and Swagbucks.

Other productive things to do on the computer

Aside from those activities mentioned above, you can finally engage in matters online that you must do or what you have always postponed due to many reasons. Some of the activities you can do on your laptop or computer when boredom strikes you could be:

  • Searching for the best city to relocate if you’re planning to move soon.
  • Searching for a school if you’re new in the area where you are right now.
  • Searching for apartments or houses if you’re in the phase of moving or wanting a new environment to live.
  • Searching for a job if you want to discovere more job opportunities and challenges.
  • Finding best deals online so you could save money.
  • Finding ways to invest your money and save more money every month.

Let’s wrap it up…

When you’re bored at home, you usually open your gadgets in the hope to find entertainment just to drive that boredom away but it will be much better if you could spend that time on productive things to do on the computer when you think you have nothing more useful to do.

So in the end, it’s not always about posting and watching videos on TikTok and Instagram that will give you more entertainment when you have nothing to do. But if you think lingering on social media apps and platforms make you more creative and productive, then it’s all up to you.

So they said, to each his own.

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