Choice Vs Fate

Things happen to us either by fate or by choice. Fate is not predictable and you cannot escape it. Most of the time, fate is the consequence of a choice. Sometimes it is kind other times it is brutal and there is nothing we can do about it.

A choice, on the other hand, is entirely up to you. It could be kind, or brutal depending on what your preference was. It is not always easy to make a choice, as sometimes the options we have to choose from are not as pretty, but it has to be made anyway. If you do not choose for yourself, others or the universe will and you will have to live with results.

An interesting fact, the choices we make determine our fate. Fate is actually a combination of choice and chance.

sometimes, I honestly, do not understand why we humans, make choices that we are not confident about. We need to choose things that we do not have to hide from, that we are not ashamed of nor afraid of. Life is too short to do that to ourselves.

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When you choose your business/career

Have enough confidence in it, that you will not be ashamed to let people know what it is that you do. You will not be scared to show up with your work uniform if need. As, for those in business, have enough confidence with our prices. So you will not have to hide the prices, especially on social media.

When you choose your lover

Have so much confidence in your choice. This is important. Do not pick someone whom you can not introduce to your friends and family. Someone you will not be embarrassed to be seen with, out in public. Seriously, of all the bad choices we can choose for ourselves, this is the most unnecessary.

When you choose your physical appearance

Yes, these days we actually have the privilege of looking as we please. Thanks to make-up, cosmetic surgeons, and fashion gurus. So, have enough confidence in your looks, that you will not have to explain to anyone why you look as you do. You will not have to hate on anyone who does not look as you look.

When you pick the faith of your choice

please have enough confidence in it that you will not need to bash other faiths. Choose a faith you are not embarrassed about. Why on earth would you do that?

When you choose your family

oh crap! we cannot choose family, I guess that is where fate comes in.


As we conclude, kindly let’s evaluate the choices we are making. If the choices we make, make us slaves of fear, bring us shame and cause mental instability, then it is about time we make other decisions. I mean, life is too short to be lived like that.

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