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7 Characteristics of Women With Class That Have Nothing To Do With Wealth

Women with class? they still exist?

You never know, you might have the characteristics of a woman with class.

So ladies and (maybe gentleman), I found myself watching a movie out of boredom that features these ladies, who are pretty well-off, and in actual life, socialites in our country.

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One would think being a socialite means a girl has class. But I’m not saying that all socialites don’t have a class or all socialites are classy. What I mean is that being classy doesn’t have to do with money.

You get what I mean.

What is classy, by the way?

Classy means being elegant, graceful, and refined. Whereas a socialite means a person who is renowned in fashionable society and is often associated with wealthy people.

Unfortunately, you can’t manifest being classy with money alone. If you force it, it comes off trashy.

You want to be one of these women with class, but how can you be a classy lady, if you don’t know in the first place, how to act one.

We wouldn’t want to keep you in suspense here, so we could all start acting on how to become a classy woman.

Here are the characteristics of women with class you probably possess:

1. A woman with class doesn’t swear

We are not perfect, we have our ups and downs, I mean, we sometimes lose our cool, right?

It could be forgivable if we swear when we have our terrible moments, like when we miss our train, or heels stuck in a metal grate.

But, if you’re mindful of yourself, and have always inculcated in your brain, to act cool whatever the situation is, swearing is unnecessary.

It doesn’t help with the current situation, but I know it feels good, to just curse, because you’re angry and frustrated.

You have every right to be angry, heck, you’re just human, but if you’re trying to appear to be a woman of ladylike behavior, cursing is not the right way to show how classy you are.

This is how some women curse, ”Get the f***ing out of my sight, you f***ing moron!” There’s ”f” in every sentence, sometimes, every after word.

It sounds immature and yeah, very unladylike. Unfortunately, in our society, women who swear a lot are less refined or cultured than those men who curse like a sailor.

Regardless of gender, swearing doesn’t sound pleasant to the ears. According to a study, we judge people who swear as aggressive, dishonest, and less intelligent.


Or if you’re a German, ”Verfluchter Mist! Verdammte Scheiße!”

If you think you’re one of the women with class, we better polish our language from now on.

Swearing doesn’t make us cool or smart either.

2. Women with class don’t tell, they show

I found a text from a song that features Beyonce, and it goes like this, ”Talk big shit, but my bank account match it (Ooh) Hood, but I’m classy, rich, but I’m ratchet (Oh, ah)

I find it off-putting; the lyrics don’t match to what it is trying to portray. Your bank account might be huge, but it doesn’t make you a classy woman if you try to tell it to the world, you’re rich and you’re classy.

Girls, show it what you got, don’t just holler it.

Here’s another saying, I found on the Internet, but the author is unknown, ”Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it.”    

If you want to be a classy lady, think and act like one. Confidence is key. If you believe you are a classy woman, people will see it in you. But please minus cursing, as part of lesson number 1.

3. Women with class are polite

Words like ”thank you” and ”you’re welcome” may sound already normal in our daily lives, and we often neglect the idea of using them.

If somebody did something good for you, he deserves a gratitude from you whether it’s your family or friends, it’s only rightful to thank them.

So you shouldn’t wonder next time when you hear your friend say sarcastically, ”you’re welcome” after you forgot thanking her.

The same goes for answering ”you’re welcome when somebody thanked you for something you did. You may think it might be a minor matter, but you never know, it is a big deal for that person.

By saying ”you’re welcome”, you acknowledge her gratitude and you’re glad to have helped her.

One of the characteristics of a classy woman is how she talks with the other person. You look directly in the eye and maintain eye contact. By doing this, you show that you’re interested and attentive to what the other person is saying.

As a classy and elegant woman, you don’t use your smartphone while you’re engaging in a conversation with someone. It shows disrespect and immaturity.

If you have a very important message that needs an immediate response, surely you can excuse yourself in a lady-like and polite manner.

4. Women with class mind their posture

Classy women show and manifest confidence. If you’re acting awkward in a certain situation, that’s surely a way of downgrading yourself.

Stand up straight, (nope, don’t slouch), shoulders back and down, chest out (not too much please, you’re not offering yourself), chin down (or else you might appear haughty).

Fellow lovely ladies, you don’t have to be a model to achieve the right posture that shows you’re confident or that you manage the situation well enough.

You can practice when you’re alone, but don’t force it if you’re with people in a social function, or else you appear more awkward than it already is.

With good posture or the lack of it, if you have the right confidence and characteristics of a classy woman, you can make it against all odds.

Having a good posture for a woman limits not only to the idea of standing or being with other people, but it also applies to sitting, getting out of the car, or getting in the car.

How does an elegant and classy lady sit?

You sit up straight with your legs together, angle your knees to either left or right, and don’t sit with legs apart.

If you want to cross your legs at the knees, there must be no space between your heel and the other ankle.

To make it more elegant and lady-like, you can place your hands together on your lap.

In our modern society today, that posture looks so prim and very formal, and people will take you seriously and see a demure and sweet side of you.

How should a woman in a classy way observe car etiquette?

First, you sit on the edge of the seat and pull your legs together into the car. When you get out of the car, put your feet on the ground first, and stand up. Please don’t crawl into the car or crawl out of the car, with your skirt hiking up.

5. A classy lady doesn’t neglect self-care

You’re classy if you take care of yourself. You don’t have to buy the most expensive self-care kit for yourself if you can’t afford it. I mean, surely, you can pamper yourself, and buy any things you want for your well-being.

Classy women don’t stink and are hygienic. They don’t do things that are harmful to them and their health.

Women of class don’t take drugs to find happiness or drive out boredom, and they don’t jeopardize their health by engaging in activities just for the thrill.

Self-care doesn’t only mean taking a bath every day, brushing your teeth thrice a day, or wearing clean clothes every day. It also means taking care of your mental health.

No woman of class lets herself surrounded by negative people who put her down and don’t influence her positively.

Yes, classy women think of others too, often, they put others first before their own welfare, but when we’re talking about health, self-care is never and would never be a selfish thing to do.

Ladies, love yourself and take care of your health first, then you can love and take care of others without forgetting yourself along the way.

6. Women with class support other women

A classy woman doesn’t bring down other women, in fact, she supports and empowers them and acts as their role model.

She doesn’t get jealous and envy for she knows her own capacities and abilities. She’s also aware of herself, her strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

When a woman is classy, she doesn’t need to compete with other women, in fact, she competes with herself, to be the best version of herself every day.

According to a study, women who support other women are more successful.

7. A classy woman is punctual

A classy woman doesn’t come deliberately late to get people’s attention. She tries to be always on time and doesn’t want to appear disrespectful.

So when she knows she’ll be late, she owns the responsibility of informing the host, rather than keeping her waiting.

When she comes late, she apologizes formally to the host and tries to make up for it.

How about you?

Have you seen these characteristics of a classy woman?

Maybe, you’re thinking about yourself while reading this, which would be the best part.

How do you find these traits in a woman?

However, this article doesn’t aim to dictate you of what you should do as a woman. These are my personal opinion based on what I observed and read about being a classy woman.

If you want to know more on how to act more like a lady and a classy woman, I recommend a book by Kay West, the 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know, which gave me a lot of ideas on becoming a proper woman, other than that teaching from my mother to always close my legs when I sit.

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