How To Spruce Up Your Tired Home

November 30, 2019 in Home Decor

You love your home and you want it to feel like that comforting haven where you can retreat to and where friends and family can enjoy. Decor often becomes old and stale easily and you may feel like your home needs a little bit of a renovation. There’s a few ways to spruce up your home and it doesn’t have to be difficult, but bringing your home a little further into this century, and soon to be a decade, will make you feel even happier to walk through your front door. Let’s take a look at a few ways to modernize your home. 

  1. Feature walls – if your walls are plain colored, why not include a feature wall with some bold beautiful wallpaper that will brighten up the wall, make it look refreshed and also impress people as they walk in. Bold patterns work well, such as bright colours, leaves, flowers and florals or geometric patterns can work exceptionally well and if you don’t want to repaper a full wall, why not look at getting a huge piece of artwork to sit on the wall to really enhance those plain white walls! If you’re renting and unable to decorate much, this is a perfect alternative that can be cheaper and easier
  2. Get new flooring – old flooring is never attractive and it may need a brand new carpet or wooden flooring or stone flooring laid down, which would mean having a brand new flat floor to ensure all looks perfect. You can use an Inch Calculator to see exactly what measurements you will need for everything. 
  3. Change up your materials – look at cushion covers, bed covers and curtains, you’ll be surprised just how much they can enhance your room. Floor length curtains can appear elegant and make your room appear bigger and changing up your bed quilts and your cushion covers can give a completely new feel. You can take an old room and with a brand new bed cover, you can make yourself feel as if you’re in a Parisian boudoir! Suddenly old and boring because sleek and plush and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Look at local markets to find one of a kinds and vintage stores. 
  4. Check old fixtures – old white light fixtures and plug sockets can be a giveaway that your home is old and tired. Changing it up to modern silver ones, brass or gold can make a lovely impression. Always cut the power to the house when doing this, it can be dangerous to play with electrics if the supply is still on, of course!
  5. Minimalise your home – clutter can often look quite traditional and minimalism is exceptionally modern and denotes a clean, stylish look to any house. Keeping out what you need can make the place look more workable and also much more modern, giving it that spruce that it needs. Tidy away ornaments that don’t need to be out and keep at only around two or three per surface and you’ll find your home looks surprisingly neat, tidy and amazing! 

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