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How to decorate and care for your christmas tree

It’s almost time to rock around the Christmas tree singing all of your favourite Christmas songs, but before that you need to ensure your tree is looking its best. Christmas trees are a great addition during the festive season, with their beautiful baubles and sparkly lights, they bring the magic to Christmas day. Whilst many people may have their own ways of dressing the tree, there is one way that guarantees a magical aesthetic that will brighten your home throughout December. 

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Fluff the Branches

First things first, once you’ve got your beautiful tree in position and standing tall, it’s time to fluff out the branches. After being wrapped up tight into netting and travelling from one location to another, the trees branches can become squashed. Once you’ve removed the netting from your tree and chosen the position carefully, it’s time to pull each branch gently and try to stretch them out a little. This will help to prevent the tree from looking bare in certain areas, as well as giving the branches room to breathe. 

Add the Lights

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How to decorate and care for your christmas tree

This step is one that many people do after the bauble adding, but in order to keep your baubles safe from breaking and see exactly how your tree will look when lit, you need to add the lights first. Start by untangling all of your fairy lights and plugging them in to the nearest socket. Once you know that all of your lights work, you can start to slowly and gently wrap them around your tree. Try to ensure that they are balanced on the branches and spread out equally, as this will help to make the tree look its best when complete. Once your lights are added, turn them on and take a look at your masterpiece. There may not be any baubles yet, but the lighting steals the show in an instant! 

Decorating the Tree

In order to keep your Christmas tree decorations safe, you should focus on adding the heavier of the styles first. The heavier baubles or decorations should really be positioned towards the middle of the tree, as this will ensure the other branches catch any that may happen to fall. You can then work your way out and add all of your other baubles to the branches, neatly spreading them out and ensuring there are no large gaps in the tree. Now is also a great time to add any other decorative touches such as tinsel, to help complete the look perfectly. 

Star or Angel?

Whilst choosing your star or angel may be a difficult process, it’s certainly much simpler adding them to the tree. Your Christmas star or angel is going to be the focal point of the tree, making the perfect finishing touch, so you want to ensure it stands out and looks the part. Once you’ve positioned your star or Christmas angel at the top of the tree, you’ll instantly notice the whole aesthetic drawing together and creating a beautifully magic addition to your home. 

After Christmas

Once the festive season is over, you still have a duty of care when it comes to your Christmas tree. Firstly, you need to get some strong tarpaulin sheets, like these, and lay them down around the tree. Once all of your baubles, Christmas lights and other decorations have been removed from the tree, you can lay your tree down on the tarp sheets and start to move it outside into the garden. You often find that many Christmas tree shops, farms and even tips have Christmas tree recycling schemes, so it’s really beneficial to take your tree to one of them to do your bit for the environment. 

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