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Holiday Cheer: Build The Perfect Holiday Bar

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I have been so excited about this posting because I have found the best brands that BELONG on your bar this holiday season. My husband and I love entertaining and over the weekend we had friends stop by to taste and try out everything. They LOVED it!

holiday bar

Since I am doing much smaller posts this year I really wanted to find some of the best products for your upcoming holiday parties you might be having and I think I did just that! Below you will find a full roundup of all the amazing liquors and treats to add to your bar but I have to give a big shout out to Tipsy Scoop!

Eat & Be Merry Pack 6 pack of boozy ice creams and sorbets is available for Nationwide through Tipsy Scoop is a total MUST-HAVE if you are hosting a holiday party this year. I just think that this is such a fun twist on the regular cocktails you might serve.

I actually offered my guests to decorate their own ice cream using sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop. Sprinkle Pop went perfectly with the Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream and I also made little cupcakes using the sprinkles. This just added a bit of sweetness to the affair.

When it comes to setting up a bar for the holiday season, my motto is “the more the marrier.” The more options you have for your guests is a must. Something for everyone. Below you will find a full list of all the products that I recommend adding to your bar.

Empress 1908 Gin,a fun, elegant and high-quality gin. Empressis an elevated, gorgeous, indigo hued gin, inspiredby afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada.

DiplomaticoRum, the 2018 Spirit Brand of The Year. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is the perfect sipping rum and an ideal gift for rum enthusiasts.

Egan’s Fortitude is a single malt matured exclusively in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. The sweet and smoky flavor profile has subtle notes of honey and raisins with sherry notes, chocolate and rich dried fruits on the palate. Egan’s Fortitude is available at

Versatile and smooth, Tiki Lovers Dark Rum makes for the perfect host gift. A blend of Jamaica and Barbados rum with hints of vanilla, dark fruit, molasses and spice, the rich spirit can be enjoyed year-round on its own, in your favorite stirred cocktail, or with a splash of ginger beer. Tiki Lovers Dark Rum can be found here.

The Wine

In any bar, I feel that you must have a couple of wine choices and I am loving Tussock Jumper. Tussock Jumper is a premium wine brand created from the shared passion of wine specialists from eleven different countries.
Their aim is to bring together the world’s very best wines under a single, distinctive, quality mark: the woolly red sweater of Tussock Jumper. So you can jump from wine to wine, jumper to jumper, all around the world. What makes us truly unique is that all our wines are bottled at source – in the same place where the grapes are grown.

The list really could go on and on but for me these are my top picks for 2019 and I do hope that you check them out and take them into consideration when putting together your bar.


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