Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Ello, folks! I hope that you all are staying safe and well? As our family is fighting off the illness things are a bit slow here at Hello Betty but today I wanted to chat with you about the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker. Being a lover of tech and coffee, this is one amazing combination.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach has been a staple in most homes for years when it comes to all sorts of small kitchen appliances.

Now, you can brew your coffee manually, use the Alexa® app, or simply ask Alexa from your Amazon Echo.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Say commands like “Alexa, set my brew strength to bold” or “Alexa turn off my coffee maker” to start even the busiest mornings off on the right foot.

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One thing in life that I love is being able to take control of my home through the use of tech. Some people are for and some against, but in my thinking, this just brings you more control of things that you already do, each and every day.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee maker is totally a MUST in life. It is super easy to use and connect with your echo or even a Juno light which I use. Not only can I brew the perfect cup of coffee but being able to control the details through Alexa is perfect!

One feature that I love is that I can use Alexa to turn off the coffee maker. I have a habit of leaving it on because my brain does not function in the mornings. he he he. Being able to control this feature is AWESOME!

Connecting the Hamilton Beach coffee maker is really easy! You simply have to go into your Alexa app and add it as a device.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Next, you will scan the barcode on the back of the coffee maker. It literally took seconds to connect.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Quick Fact About Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

  • “ALEXA TURN ON MY COFFEE MAKER “ Smart 12 cup coffee maker works with Alexa giving you the ability to ask your Alexa app or Alexa smart speaker to start brewing change brew strength or turn off the coffee maker The clock automatically keeps the correct time by syncing wirelessly with the app You can easily program for wake-up ready coffee using Routines in the Alexa app Visit the Alexa app regularly to learn new functions or things to say as launches new commands
  • Certified for Humans – Struggle-free tinker-free stress-free No patience needed – it’s actually simple
  • WORKS WITH ALEXA This smart coffee maker is “Works with Alexa Certified ” meeting a high bar for responsiveness reliability & functionality Few smart coffee makers are able to achieve Works with Alexa certification which ensures the best smart home experience with your Alexa app or Echo device
  • NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD ADDITIONAL APPS TO CONTROL THE COFFEE MAKER You only need the Alexa App to turn the connected brewer on or off Also use the Alexa app to set morning routines to program to brew which gets you out the door even faster
  • EASILY ADD COFFEE AND WATER FROM THE FRONT The front fill design of the reservoir lets you add water without moving the smart coffee maker from under the cabinets The brew basket uses a standard coffee filter and swings out for front filling
  • PEACE OF MIND never leave the house wondering if the coffee maker is still on Turn it off using the Alexa app or by saying “Alexa turn off my coffee maker” If you forget auto shutoff automatically turns off the heating plate after 2 hours
  • MESS-FREE SERVING Pour a cup without messy spills or drips The glass carafe is designed with a drip-free pour spout so every drop makes it into your mug
  • BREW GREAT-TASTING COFFEE Choose between regular or bold brew strengths manually or via the Alexa app “Alexa set brew strength to bold “
Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

Even if you don’t want to use Alexa with this coffee maker you still can make use of the machine which I think is cool. You don’t need any other apps to control the coffee maker, so you are good to go!

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

If you are a tech lover like myself and enjoy incorporating it into your home seamlessly this is the perfect way to do so. I can’t wait for other small appliances to come on the market! The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is available online at Amazon (no need to go to the store) for $89.99. For the price you are getting one amazing coffee maker, to help streamline your mornings.

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