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5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may be considering a few last-minute improvements to boost the value. While there are some improvements such as extensions and kitchen remodeling which can add a lot of value, these big renovations can be expensive and time-consuming to undertake. For those looking to sell up in the near future, a few of the following cheap and easy improvements could be better suited for helping you to boost your home’s value.

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Tidy the backyard

Add Value To Your Home
5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Tidying up your backyard can be a great way to increase the worth of your home. This could be a simple case of cutting the lawn, pulling out any weeds and trimming back any unruly shrubs. You could also consider fixing any broken fence panels or jet-washing any patio or decking. Installing a patio or decking could even be an option. As for those with patchy turf that can’t be bothered with lawncare, you could consider laying down some artificial grass as a quick fix.  

Repaint the interior

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Add Value To Your Home
5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Repainting the inside of your home is another relatively cheap and easy way to add value. A new lick of paint can make your home feel brighter and cleaner. You could hire a painter to do this to save you the time and energy and to ensure that it’s done to a high quality. Alternatively, you may feel confident enough to take on this improvement job yourself. For maximum resale value, try to stick to neutral colors.

Add more lighting

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5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Adding more lighting to your home can also add value. When it comes to adding extra light bulbs, installing track lighting is a cheap and easy way to do this. Alternatively, there may be ways of letting more natural light into your home. Removing obstacles in front of windows and placing mirrors opposite windows are great ways to do this (it’s likely to be a lot cheaper and easier than adding extra windows).   

Insulate the loft

Improving your home’s insulation can be another way of making your home worth more. Loft insulation is one of the most effective and affordable forms of insulation. You may be able to buy and install insulation boards or thermal wool yourself. Spray-on insulation is another option that requires hiring professionals – it’s a little more expensive, but more effective and means less work for you.

Fix up/clean the roof

A roof replacement can increase a home’s value by as much as 30%. This can be a costly job however and it can result in a lot of upheaval. Repairing your roof could be an easier and cheaper option and it may be all your property needs if only a few tiles are damaged. Cleaning your roof can also be something worth looking into – it could be enough to make an old roof look brand new and it’s relatively cheap compared to replacing or repairing a roof. You should always hire professional roofers to do any job related to your home’s roof as it can be dangerous work. 

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