Discover The Benefits Of Active Sitting With the QOR360

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Being a blogger I tend to sit and type a lot, even when I am not posting on the blog I am working on social media or ranking. Today, I wanted to introduce you to the QOR360 which is a new way to get the benefits of active sitting.

What is active sitting? That is a really good question. We were all born to move, however, due to work or other tasks we find a great deal of our time sitting. Sitting can be linked to an increase in metabolic disease and back pain. Ouch! So active sitting is actually staying in motion while you are seated. This is where the QOR360 comes in.


This chair uses active sitting tech which keeps you in motion while you are seated. Dr. Osler who developed this chair allows your spine to find its naturally perfect posture. The combination of constant motion and the ability to adjust posture allows for a comfortable, healthful, pain-free way of sitting.


This chair actually works very simply. The QOR360 has a RedRocker technology to create a chair that keeps you in motion even when you are sitting. With its unique geometric shape allows smooth and gentle movement in all directions. This, in fact, encourages better posture and increasing metabolic rate of 15%, says the QOR360 developers.


I have had a couple of days to try out this amazing chair and I must say that at first, it was totally annoying. I would not seem to sit properly or comfortably but after the first two days and sticking to the QOR360, I finally got the hang of it and really enjoy using this chair.


Putting together the chair is really easy. Simply pop on the feet, insert the gas cylinder and add the sit. when you sit down the entire chair pops into place. Super simple right?

I must say that my back is feeling so much better and I do feel like my posture has improved. I would totally recommend this chair to anyone looking for an active sitting option that is simple to use.

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