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Ways To Retain Heat In Your Home

Keeping your home warm during the colder months can be difficult, especially if you live in an older or draughty home. However, there are several ways to keep heat in your home and save money on your energy bills. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Insulate your home

Insulation is the most effective way to keep your home warm. The main areas of heat loss are the attic, walls, and floors. Check to see if your attic and walls have enough insulation, and if not, add some. Insulating the floors of your home can also help if you have a crawlspace or an unfinished basement. This will help keep warm air inside your home and keep cold air out. It will also aid in soundproofing and moisture reduction. A way to insulate your home that you might not have considered is installing new siding. It can make a big difference and really keep heat inside.

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Seal air leaks

Warm air can escape and cold air can enter through air leaks. Pay attention to areas where two different building materials meet, such as where the foundation and house framing meet, or where pipes and wires penetrate walls, floors, and ceilings, to find these leaks. Caulk or weatherstripping should be used to fill any gaps or cracks around windows, doors, and electrical outlets.

Use window treatments

Heavy curtains or window shades can help keep your home warm. Close them at night to prevent heat loss through windows. Window treatments can be both functional and decorative, improving the overall appearance of your home. Using cellular shades can also help to insulate your home, adding an extra layer of protection.

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Ways To Retain Heat In Your Home

Reverse your ceiling fans

Most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to reverse the direction of the blades. In the winter, set your fans to turn clockwise, which will push warm air down into the room. This can help to circulate warm air throughout the room, ensuring that every corner of the room is heated.

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Ways To Retain Heat In Your Home

Use a space heater

If some rooms in your house are more difficult to heat than others, consider using a space heater to supplement the heat. A space heater is an excellent way to heat small spaces or infrequently used rooms, such as a guest room or a finished basement. When using space heaters, make sure to follow all safety precautions and place them on a flat surface away from flammable objects.

Use draft stoppers

Draft stoppers are small fabric bags filled with rice or beans that can be placed in front of doors and windows to block drafts and keep heat in. These are easy to make, a DIY project that can be done by anyone. Additionally, they can be easily moved from room to room as needed.

Maintain your heating system

Having your heating system serviced by a professional before the winter months to ensure it’s working efficiently is a critical step. This will help retain heat in your home, prevent costly breakdowns, and also extend the life of your heating system.

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