nail salons fix broken toenails

Can nail salons fix broken toenails?

Yes, professional nail salons fix broken toenails by applying some sort of material on your broken nail and securing it with glue. However, they can only do this if the crack is small, with bigger cracks or detached toenails; this method won’t work.

If you are wondering how exactly will they fix your broken toenail, they follow this simple procedure:

  1. They use a nail file ( not the electric one) to buff your toenail
  2. They remove specks of dust with rubbing alcohol
  3. They cut a small piece of cotton or silk wrap and apply it to the broken area
  4. They put a coat of nail glue or clear nail polish to seal the piece
  5. They use a top coat to fix everything in place when the glue is dry

Pro tip: Instead of silk wraps, you can use a basic teabag; the procedure is the same.

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In reality, you can also try this nail hack at home for your broken toenail, but you can always go to a professional if you are not sure.

Can you put an acrylic nail on a missing toenail?

Unfortunately, acrylic nails don’t work on toes because they won’t adhere properly to the skin.

Also, nail glue can cause damage to the vulnerable nail bed because it is applied directly onto the skin.

Losing your toenail due to injury or some other medical problem can be a real struggle, but there isn’t still a proper fix for this issue.

In the end, you will just have to treat your nail properly and wait a couple of months until it has grown back.

You can take care of it by protecting it with a cotton bandage and regularly applying the antibiotic ointment.

There is no trick of speeding up the process; fingernails grow quicker than toenails.

Can a split toenail be repaired?

A split toenail can’t be fully repaired, and the best thing is to cut all the hanging parts, which can lead to a possible injury, and leave it alone.

It is not easy just to leave your split toenail and ignore it for a few months, but there isn’t much you can do to speed up the recovery time.

A split toenail can hurt a lot, and you can end up having an infection.

If you notice some strange symptoms, you should visit a doctor.

How long does it take for a split toenail to heal?

It usually takes about 18 months for the toenail to heal and grow completely, but it depends on every person individually.

It also depends on how bad you have hurt your toe; if your toenail has split in half, it can grow quicker.

Also, if you have just a small crack, you can try out the cotton and glue method for a temporary fix.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to speed up the process, and the beauty industry still hasn’t found a safe and easy solution for this problem.

A kind of fake nail for toenails is still in development, and we hope there will be a solution for this soon.

Why do my toenails split horizontally?

Onychorrhexis may be accompanied by cerebral fissures or nail sulci, as well as cerebral fissures. Horizontal plate cleavage can occur in people with psoriasis, lichen planus, or taking oral medications containing vitamin A.

If you want to prevent your nails from splitting, you should keep your toenails dry and avoid contact with water.

Avoid harsh products and try to use some natural ones instead.

Keep your nails short and trimmed all the time. Nial hygiene is really important, and most people take things lightly until they have a problem.

Conclusion: Can nail salons fix broken toenails?

Yes, professional nail salons fix broken nails by applying some material to your broken nail and fixing it with glue. 

However, they can only do this if the crack is small, with larger cracks or loose nails; This method will not work.

The material often used is come cotton bandage or cloth, or silk wraps. Some people even use teabags for this method, because it is affordable and you have them in your house.

If you have a loose nail, you will have to wait 6-18 months for your nails to heal completely, and there is no way to speed up this process.

If you have a detached nail, you should cover it until part of the nail has grown back, and you should smooth it when necessary.

Acrylic nails are not a solution for toenails because they won’t adhere, and you will just waste time trying to make it work.

If you are not sure how to do this, you should check with a professional.

We hope that this article has given you some extra information about broken toenails and how you can deal with this issue.

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