How Long Does A Pedicure Take

How Long Does A Pedicure Take?

Having a rough feet skin? Want to wipe off the dirt and enjoy having a smooth skin?

Pedi, Pedi come to my rescue!

What is Pedicure?

Pedicure is a therapeutic feet treatment that allows the removal of dead skin. It also softens and treats the toenails.

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A good pedicure can make you float in cloud.

Different pedicures offer different type of massage and polish to your feet, depending on the cosmetic variance.

Benefits of Pedicure

Pedicures help you get healthy, smooth feet that you are absolutely going to love!

  • Pedicure can support chiropody if you are the one suffering from foot problems such as cracked heels or calluses etc. This is the simplest treatment you can give to your feet.
  • Pedicures help you get relaxed when combined other treatments. Once you get softening massage, you are definitely going to witness the amazing results.
  • Pedicure can enhance your posture as it helps you walk smoothly and comfortably on the cleaned feet.

Different Types of Pedicure

Depending on the nature of pedicurist and spa, pedicures have a wide range of variation. You can choose the ideal one suiting your skin according to the description given on the spa menu.

Let’s have a look at different kinds of pedicure:

Intensive Paraffin Wax Pedicure

To soften and moisturize the feet, warm wax is used to be rubbed against your feet and nails.

Gel Pedicure

Either a clear or a colored gel is rubbed to your nails along with the UV light for the exquisite finish.

French Pedicure

It is a classic pedicure that uses nail varnish for brightening the tips of your nails.

Luxury Pedicure

It is basically a whole foot massage that softens your feet including paraffin wax along with heated towels.

How Long Does a Pedicure Take?

How Long Does A Pedicure Take
How Long Does A Pedicure Take?

A normal pedicure usually takes 45-90 minutes at a spa.

The time may vary depending on the treatment you are getting your hands on, the expertise of the pedicurist and the nature of your feet.

There are several factors that determine how long does a pedicure take:

  • Condition of the foot
  • Pedicure service
  • Pauses taken by your pedicurist
  • Quality of products (as some tend to be quicker than other products)
  • Any additional treatment

A regular pedicure takes 30-90 minutes, French pedicure takes around 2 hours, Gel pedicure takes 60-90 seconds after the topcoat and Paraffin pedicure takes around 30 minutes etc.


Pedicure is a Must Treatment for your feet. It not only strengthens the skin of your feet but also gives your nice, composed vibes.

Take out some time from your grinding routine and dedicate it to pedicure.

Almost 45-90 minutes are sufficient for a nice pedicure session to take place. Go and have pedi coated feet!

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