ake nails for male nail biters

Are fake nails for male nail biters?

Are fake nails for male nail biters are a ne trend? Yes, they are because it is a possible solution if you have a tendency to bite your nails often.

Nail-biting is a common problem among children and teenagers. However, some people do not grow out of this habit as they age. For those nail biters who want to quit, you have your work cut out for you.

Nails should be about an eighth of an inch past the fingertip; if nails are shorter than that, the more vulnerable these nails are to being bitten.

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Fake nails could be one of the solutions to this problem, but not a lifelong solution.

Some people wear fake nails in order to save their natural nails from being bitten and damaged. However, it is recommended that you have a trusted friend paint your fake nails or have a professional do it for you.

This will ensure the best results when wearing fake nails. There are many different fake gel nail polish designs that you can choose from, such as animal prints and glitter.

You cannot do some activities with fake nails on, but these are easily removable.

However, if you want to get rid of your nail-biting habit, you can try meditation, exercising, or even going to the doctor to talk about symptoms of anxiety.

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Are fake nails for male nail biters?

What type of fake nails are best for nail biters?

There are many different types of fake nails available for people who bite their nails. Fake tips or tips glued onto natural nails can assist in stopping nail-biting because they do not provide anything to chew on. Additionally, fake nails may not be attractive to some individuals.

For those nail biters who have a preference, fake nails can be made from acrylic or gel. Unfortunately, there are no definitive studies to recommend one over the other for nail biters.

However, a study found that individuals who bite their nails may also chew on other harder materials such as plastic and rubber. This means that the strength of fake nails may be an issue, and acrylic nails may provide the most benefit to the nail biter.

Nails that have a matte texture have proven to have good results. If not, just paint your nails with a clear coat before applying the glossy top coat. This has been proven to help stop the need to bite your nails.

As of right now, there are no products on the market designed especially for male nail biters. However, some companies do offer tips that work well with all genders.

If you are not in the mood for fake nails, there are useful tips to help you overcome your bad habit, and you can find them below. 

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Are fake nails for male nail biters?

How do you get a grown man to stop biting his nails?

Here are some universal nail hacks that will help a grown man to stop biting his nails:

1. Place incredibly bitter liquid on your nails for them to taste when you bite them. This method is even more effective if you do it regularly because it trains your brain not to want to go near your nails.

2. Apply a coating that has an unpleasant taste to it on your nails, like nail polish or even hot sauce. This will make chewing on your nails not worth the trouble.

3. Place some very nice tasting substance, like sugar, honey, gumdrops or anything else you find tasty on them instead of biting them; in that way, you will benefit them instead of hurting them.

4. Get a manicure, build your confidence and step it up a notch!

5. Start going to the gym to get rid of stress and become more confident in yourself.

6. Make an appointment with a doctor to prescribe you medicine for your anxiety or depression that can be the cause of your problem.

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Are fake nails for male nail biters?

Why shouldn’t you bite your nails?

You shouldn’t bite your nails because it is bad for your health.

According to NIH (National Institute of Health), when you bite or chew on the nails, bacteria and germs from the mouth get in between the nails and skin and cause irritation.

This may lead to infections like gingivitis, swelling and bleeding gums, which can also spread towards other parts of your body.

Also, if appearance is important to you, you will give the impression of someone who doesn’t care about their looks if you bite your nails.

Self-Image is very important for young people, especially teens.

It is also bad for your teeth and fingernails because of the constant contact with germs in your mouth, which cause tooth decay and damaged nails.

Is biting your nails a mental disorder?

It is a psychological problem that you can treat.

The actual reason why some people bite their nails may relate to genetics, anxiety, stress, boredom and child development. In some cases, nail biters have been reported as having low self-esteem and nervous habits such as fidgeting.

Some studies have suggested that this is a learned behaviour, meaning it’s acquired by observing others.

However, there are valuable tips that will help you overcome this problem above.

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Are fake nails for male nail biters?

Conclusion- Are fake nails for male nail biters?

Are fake nails for male nail biters a permanent solution? Unfortunately, no, but fake nails can help you on the journey.

By putting fake nails, you are protecting your natural nails from bitting, but in the meantime, you should focus on the root of the problem.

You may also have a chat with your local manicurist, who can give you advice on what types of fake nails are best for nail biters.

However, keep in mind that fake nails can damage your natural nails as well, for example the chemicals in nail glues.

Consult with your doctor or psychologist if you are experiencing anxiety or stress related to nail-biting for treatment options.  

If things are not that serious, you can always try meditation or putting something bitter on your nails.

Biting your nails can lead to infections, inflammation and bleeding gums. Not only that, but it also gives the impression of someone who doesn’t care about their appearance, which is essential for young people, especially teens.

If you want to look good (and healthy), stop biting your nails and focus on recovering them.

Don’ forget to moisturize and use cuticle oil regularly in order to cure your nails.

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