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Can a nail salon fix a broken natural nail?

A nail salon can fix a broken natural nail by applying a miniature piece of cotton onto your broken nail and covering it with glue. After this step, the nail pro will let your nail dry or use a glue drying spray to speed up the process.

When your nail is dry, you should buff your nail a bit, keep it smooth, and apply some colour.

Remember that this is a temporary solution; your natural nail still needs time to grow back.

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But this nail hack offers you some comfort in the sense that you don’t need to cut all of your nails short for them to look tidy.

You can try this trick at home; it is super easy and quick. 1637947645
Can a nail salon fix a broken natural nail?

Can you fix a detached nail?

Unfortunately, no, if your nail is separated from the nail bed, you will just have to wait for it to grow back.

The glue will not help if your nail is completely detached; therefore, you need to wait patiently for it to grow back.

Why does the nail detach from the nail bed?

In most cases, because of a physical injury; therefore, if you bumped your nail, you may have caused irreversible damage.

If you have broken your nail partly, you could try to glue it with an adhesive of some kind, or you can cut that part off.

If one part of the nail is still attached to the nail bed, you shouldn’t remove it because it will speed up the natural recovery process.

Detached nails shouldn’t cause other health problems, but you should keep that nail clean all the time so that you don’t develop an infection.

How do you treat split nails?

It would be best if you used alpha-hydroxy acid to sooth that nail area.

Use nail glue or silk wrap if you want to reattach a tiny bit of your broken nail.

If your split nail looks like a severe issue that you can’t fix, go to the nail salon and ask for medical treatment.

You can always cover your split nail with a fake nail for an important event, but you shouldn’t do that on a daily basis.

You can also try to recover your nails by dipping them in olive oil to get their moisture back. 1637947633
Can a nail salon fix a broken natural nail?

How does a teabag fix a broken nail?

Another famous nail hack is fixing your broken nail with a teabag. You can try this trick by applying a clear coat, putting on a small piece of teabag, and covering it with another layer of clear polish.

It is the same process as with silk wraps, but teabags are usually more affordable and accessible.

But remember that this nail hack is only for small cracks and not for whole nails. If you have a completely broken nail, you will have to cut it off.

Plus, the teabag trick won’t harm your nails like glue, so it should be your first option. 1637947622
Can a nail salon fix a broken natural nail?

How painful is ripping off a nail?

Ripping off your nail can be painful, and most people injure their nail bed in the process.

If you have ripped off your nail, there is no way to reattach it- don’t try using nail glue or any other tricks.

You willl need to wait 6-18 months until your nail completely grows back.

What can you do?

You can cover the nail bed in tape or bandage to protect it from getting an infection.

If a part of the nail is hanging, trim it, so you don’t have to worry about it. In the end, you can dip your fingernail or toe into cold water; it will sooth the pain.

Conclusion: Can a nail salon fix a broken natural nail?

Nail salons can fix a broken natural nail by applying a miniature piece of cotton and covering it with glue. The nail professional will let your nail dry or use a glue drying spray to expedite the process.

You can avoid using glue for fixing a broken nail; you can try using silk wraps or a teabag. Replace glue with clear polish, and you are good to go.

You can fix a broken nail, but you can’t fix a detached nail. If your nail is detached, you should wrap it in some cloth or trim it to avoid getting caught on anything.

A detached nail can cause a lot of pain if you rip it off, and you will need 6-18 months for it to grow back completely.

If you have a problem with cracks in your nails often, there may be other causes.

That is why many professionals emphasize how important it is to trim your nails regularly and not to wear long nails.

Long nails may be beautiful, but it makes it easier to detach them if you have an injury.

We hope that this blog post has given you the information you need to fix broken nails.

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