Baker’s Advantage Fillables Cake Pan

So a couple of days ago I decided that I would try my hand at baking one more time. I can cook like a fool, but when it comes to cakes and treats, I just can’t do it. I don’t know why but I have a mental block. Fillables is an easy way to make beautiful creations without having much talent when it comes to baking.

We have all seen those beautiful cakes online that have little pockets filled with goodies, well Fillables allows you to create your very own in just a couple of easy steps. I would not say that mine came out perfectly, but that is because I am really mentally challenged when it comes to cake.

Table of Contents

Step 1.

The first step that you will do is decided on the type of cake you would like to make. I chose just a simple chocolate cake because my husband loves chocolate!! We had a little party on Sunday for another posting that I did with PercyVites, so this worked out perfectly.

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Next, you will want to make your cake mix and fill both the top and bottom pans with your mix. You will want to make sure only to fill these about 3/4 full; I over did mine just a tad.

Step 2.

After your cake is done cooking let it cool. The cake is easily removed and pops right out of the Fillables pans. Now the hard part, what are you going to fill it with? The possibilities are really endless. You could go with nuts or even fruit. Of course, I used the beloved M&M’s.

Step 3.

After you have filled your pockets with goodies next you will take your icing and assemble the cake. Add icing to the top of the pockets then add the top layer of cake. Use the remaining icing to cover the rest of the cake.

That is it!! How easy right? I think mine would have come out a bit better, but since I don’t bake a ton, I never noticed that my stove was not level 😉 How crazy. I must say that I will be using this Fillables cake pan throughout the holiday season. It is really easy to use and even easier to clean up.

I used the 9 inch 2 Piece Square Cake Pan to make my creation, but there are many Fillables to choose from. You can check them all out at

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