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3 Benefits of Having an iPhone

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One of the questions that have been asked the most over the years since Apple has become increasingly popular is; Is an iPhone better than its competitors? To put it plainly, there is no simple answer. Each company has its own signature, look and feel, and key features that make it more popular under a particular group of people. One of the main reasons no one has ever come to a definite conclusion is the fact that each phone is designed for a specific type of person, each having their own needs when it comes to what they want to get out of a phone. Huawei phones these days have unparalleled cameras, while Samsung has a very uncomplicated and straightforward design for individuals who like the simpler things in life. On the other hand, iPhones have stepped up their game tremendously the past couple of years and have introduced a variety of firsts in their industry, introducing new tech and attractive features for the younger generations who want to get the most of their phones. That said, have a look down below at three advantages having an iPhone gives you. 

#1 Advanced security measures

One of the things Apple takes most seriously when it comes to their phones, or any device of theirs for that matter, is security. Most people out there would agree that their privacy is of utmost importance to them, and after paying loads of money for a phone, you expect the information you store on it to be safe at least. This is why Apple has spared no expense regarding their phones’ security; to give users peace of mind and no doubt whatsoever that the sensitive information contained on their iPhones is secure.

Even the Federal Bureau of Investigation has attested to the iPhone’s security measures, stating that when needing to hack an individual’s iPhone, they need an exceptionally talented hacker to access the device and obtain the information stored on it. Apple also releases software updates directly to their users’ phones every so often to ensure it stays up to date with developing security measures; these updates clean the device from any malware it may have contained beforehand. 

#2 iPhones are actually very user-friendly

Contrary to a few opinions, iPhones are very user-friendly, according to most of their users. The reason behind this statement is the fact that Apple hasn’t changed the design much in years, allowing users to simply put it on and instantly have the same look and feel as their previous iPhone. Also, the software is straightforward to get used to as well – say your switching from another brand to Apple, it would hardly take you before the end of the day to have your iPhone wholly figured out, and quite frankly, you’ll never look back again.

Except for the small changes that have been made to the control panel from time to time, you are pretty much guaranteed the same look and feel as almost a decade ago, which is comforting to most. Also, Apple has designed iPhones in such a manner that you have access to everything on your iCloud account. Whether it be emails, reminders, notes, or your iCloud photos, visit for more info on how to access your iCloud photos on your iPhone.

#3 Compatibility

It goes without saying, iPhones are incredibly compatible with other Apple devices such as Macs or iPads, but the degree to which this much is accurate is quite impressive. If you already have a Mac and you’re looking for a new phone, the obvious choice should be to get yourself an iPhone and experience all the features these two devices together have to offer. One of the many advantages of having both is that once connected, you can receive and also send messages from your Mac even if your iPhone is on the other side of the globe; impressive, right?

That’s not all. Airdrop allows you to send files from your Mac to your iPhone or vice versa with Wifi in a heartbeat, eradicating the need for any unnecessary cables. As if that’s not enough, Apple also has a feature called Handoff, allowing you to begin a project on your iPhone, and then, when you want to continue with it on your Mac, you can simply hand it off and continue your work. These small yet convenient features add up to one smooth experience for Apple users, all because Apple went the extra mile with their iPhones. 

At the end of the day, it all depends on your preference and previous experience with all the respected brands of phones. But, one thing is certain; if you’re looking for unmatched security, a user-friendly experience, and a device that doesn’t decrease much in value over the years, then an iPhone might be just what you’re looking for.


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