Best Swahili Love Songs

50 Best Swahili Love Songs OF All Times

This Swahili Love songs List is for my non-Swahili speakers. Do not find yourself singing a sad song on a lovey-dovey occasion when we have this playlist. Check it out on Spotify.

Also, this is for my Swahili speakers. This playlist will serve you fine whenever you want to express, experience, and profess love.

This is for everybody who loves love. Music is universal and brings us all together, despite the language. Enjoy the music.

Swahili Love Songs For Her

Malaika – Nyashisky

Released in 2017 by Kenya artist Nyashisky Malaika, it is undoubtedly one of your girlfriend’s best Swahili love songs.

Naanzaje – Dimond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumuz is the most famous artist in Tanzania and East Africa. His song, Naanzaje, is a beautiful love song that was released in 2021.

Adhiambo – Bahati Ft Prince Indah

This is a beautiful love song about spoiling your girl by giving her the “baby girl’s treatment.”

I wish – Kusah

“I wish” is a beautiful love song by Tanzanian-born bongo-flavor artist, Kusah.

Utu – Ali kiba

Released in 2021, the song “Utu” is definitely one of the most catchy Swahili love songs.

Jigi Jigi – Willy Paul

If I am not wrong, jigi jigi means goosebumps. But this song is catchy and all about being in love with your girlfriend.

Vumilia – Rayvanny

Rayvanny is a Tanzanian-born bongo-flavor artist who makes some of the most emotional Swahili love songs, in my opinion.

Nikikutazama – Heart The Band

Released in 2014, Nikikutazama is probably one of the most loved African-themed songs. The song is by the H_art The Band, an all-boys singing group from Kenya.

Baby Love – Otile Brown

Baby Love was released in 2020 by Kenyan-born artist Otile Brown. Mr. Brown also makes some really catchy Swahili love songs.

Niambie – Harmonize

Released in 2019 by Tanzanian-born artist, Harmonize, Niambie is a beautiful love song about a guy wondering why this girl loves him so much, yet he is broke.

Swahili Love Songs For Him

Nimekuzoea – Nandy

This beautiful Swahili love song by Tanzanian-born artist Nandy was released in 2021.

African Lover – Nadia Mukami

The song “African Lovers” by Nadia Mukami, a Kenyan-born female singer, was released in 2019. It is about loving your man the African way, which Nadia will teach us in this song.

Nikimuona – Avril

Avril is a Kenyan-born artist. Her love song, Nikimuona, was released in 2015.

Na Yule – Ruby

“Na Yule” is a beautiful love song by a Tanzanian beauty queen, Ruby. It was released in 2015.

Sweet Love – Wahu

Wahu is a legendary Kenyan artist who released the song “Sweet Love” in 2008. This song never ages; it gets better with time.

Sukari – Zuchu

“Sukari” is an impressive, catchy, and one of the most listened to Swahili love songs from a female artist. It was released in 2021 by Tanzanian-born artist, Zuchu.

Nobody – Anjella

Nobody (Hakuna mtu in Swahili) is a song released in 2021 by Tanzanian songstress Anjella.

Waambie – Alice Kimanzi

This song by Kenyan songstress Alice Kimanzi would make a perfect wedding song.

Mfalme Wa Mapenzi – Sanaipei Tande

This song was released in 2016 by Kenyan artist, Sanaipei Tande. This is a perfect song to add to your bedroom playlist.

Niroge – Vanessa Mdee

This beautiful Swahili love song was released in 2016 by Tanzanian artist Vanessa Mdee.

Duet Swahili Love Songs

  1. Gere – Diamond Platnumz ft. Tanasha Donna
  2. Chaguo la Moyo – Otile Brown Ft. Sanaipei Tande.
  3. Such Kind of love – Otile Brown ft. Jovial.
  4. Number one – Rayvanny ft. Zuchu.
  5. Ni wewe – Harmonize Ft. Killy.
  6. Dusuma – Otile Brown fr. Meddy
  7. Hallo Baby – Avril Ft Ommy Dimpoz.
  8. Njiwa – Willy Paul ft. Nandy
  9. Litawachoma – Diamond Platnumz ft. Zuchu.
  10. Pete -Bahati ft. Nadia Mukami

Best Swahili Love Songs.

  1. Mi Amor – Marioo ft. Jovial.
  2. Lazizi -Sauti Sol
  3. Katoto Hodari – Mbosso.
  4. Mama la mama – Rayvanny ft. Mr Blue.
  5. Isikuti Love – Mayonde.
  6. Milele – Elani.
  7. Sinzia – Nameless.
  8. The one – Diamond Platnumz.
  9. Serious love – harmonize.
  10. Wanani – Bahati

Top Swahili Love Songs

  1. Bebi – Nyashinsky
  2. Suzzana – Sauti sol
  3. I love you – Rayvanny.
  4. Unajua – Gilad ft. Wendy Kimani.
  5. Juu – Vanessa Mdee ft. Jux.
  6. Chizi – Khaligraph Jones.
  7. La vie – Tanasha Donna Ft. Mbosso
  8. Imebaki story – Hemedy.
  9. Mhudumu – Aslay.
  10. Toto – Willy Paul.

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