Your Home Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think It Is

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Let us start by first confirming that we’re absolutely certain you are a clean individual, keeping your home in good condition. A simple title like this can often be quite accusatory, when really, you certainly keep your home carefully put together. However, even those with the best of intentions cannot handle everything, or cater to every variable in their home. No matter where you live, be that the inner-city, suburbia or a rural environment, your home likely has a few hidden considerations that could affect its health and comfort.

In other words, your home might not be as healthy as you think it is, even with a deep clean conducted semi-regularly. It takes a little time to completely iron out, but it can be worthwhile to understand how and why this is. After all, none of us like the idea of struggling to keep our homes cared for and together. So what could these hidden issues be?

We think we have the answer:

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Mold & Damp
The presence of mold and damp can make some people feel ashamed. How did they not notice it growing? Surely they’ve been cleaning the house well enough? But unfortunately, it doesn’t take much inattention or time for this to become a problem. Damp environments, particularly warm, damp environments, can often lead to the creation of both of these things, particularly if there’s poor ventilation in a room. Trapped moisture needs to go somewhere, and sometimes it can occur through staining your walls. Negative toxins can also be given off in this environment, so it can be quite unhealthy for the respiratory system of all, but especially the young and old.  The importance of a mold inspection, semi-regularly, before completing any renovation work, or before purchasing a house, is essential to help assess and remove the damage.



The underside of our floorboards can be a real shock depending on how often you see under them. For the most part, it’s not often. However, trapped dust, debris and even *shock horror* the presence of demised pests can be found here. We’re not suggesting that you tear up your floorboards every week to clean under them of course, that would be a little overboard. However, it can be worthwhile to change or reupholster the flooring every few years in order to ensure that the underside of your floorboards aren’t causing any trouble, and that your deterrents are working.

Seasonal changes can bring a large array of pests into our home, particularly if you live in a rural environment. However, it’s important to check for these no matter where you live. Checking the basement for droppings, scuff marks or signs of activity can be worthwhile, as can contacting pest control for precautionary or preventative measures.

With these tips – we are certain you can care for the health of your home to the degree that you deserve.

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