You Don’t need Talent to be a Lady

You Don’t need Talent to be a Lady

Talent is Will Not Skill
Talent is Will Not Skill

The one most absurd thing that keeps us from moving forward is thinking I cannot do this or I do not have skills/knowledge/talent to do this. So in this self-development series after knowing our self, we are moving towards improving our self. We will start with some things that do not need any sort of talent. The only thing required is dedication with I can and I will do this attitude.

Being talented is not about skill its about Will
Being talented is not about skill it’s about Will

So what are the self-improvement tricks that do not require you have any sort of special talent:

  • Punctuality:  ‘Fashionably Late’ Many women love and follow this modern rule to the last zero. Well, not Ladies. A lady knows the value of time and being on time. It gives the impression that you know what you are doing, how much it is important and you will not take nonsense from anyone.
You Don’t need Talent to be a Lady
Be Punctual It shows you Respect Your self
  • Efforts: The small word opens the locks of many wonders. If you put the effort into things you would like to accomplish you will achieve the end goal. Now whether it’s your outfit for the next day, your sleeping routine, beauty routine, your work or just your hobby make sure you are giving you 100%. Hard Work Never Fails.
  • Energetic: No one likes a lazy person. No one takes a lazy person seriously. So don’t be. I understand it’s not possible to be energetic always but having a good night’s sleep before starting a day, a full and healthy breakfast is the keys to an energetic day. So make sure you are not compromising on either one.
  • Ready to Learn: we are not born intelligent. We learn things, observe our surroundings, pay attention to small matters and remember them. Always be a learner. Knowledge is never enough or too much. You may never know when the news you read 10 days ago come handy in a conversation.
  • Be Prepared: The key to success in social and professional life is – being prepared. Try to learn about things before you jump into them. You are going to a party – find out a few things about your host, going to a meeting make sure you have all the important notes with you. Being prepared is one of the important weapons of successful people.
  • Don’t be Procrastinator: We all love saying, ‘I will do it tomorrow’ and then one day that tomorrow never comes. When you know it’s you who need to do it then do it and be done with it. Whether it is a small task of putting your clothes into a closet or working out in the morning, never say tomorrow. Start with Today.

I am trying to implement these hacks into my life, hope you will try them too and see the changes it brings to your life and personality. Remember to be consistent. It not going to happen over time, having a great personality and a happy life is a continuous work.

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