favourite basic wardrobe pieces

Our Favorite Basic Wardrobe Pieces

favourite basic wardrobe pieces
Our Favorite Basic Wardrobe Pieces

White cotton t-shirt

One of your wardrobe staples should be a white t-shirt made from 100% cotton. It should fit well; not too tight or too loose. To avoid wrinkles, hang it up when you get home.

You can wear your t-shirt under a shirt or sweater, but also alone with jeans and skirts. Try tucking one side into your skirt to add some style to an otherwise plain look.

A little black dress for evening

You can’t go wrong with a good little black dress. It’s the staple of any wardrobe and you’ll be able to wear it for many different occasions.

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If you’re looking for the best evening dress, try to get one that is versatile, a style that can easily transform from day to evening. Look for a pattern or fabric that is elegant yet not too fussy, so you can use it for multiple occasions without it looking overdone or dated.

You should also look for dresses that are in classic styles such as A-line or sheath designs since these will flatter your figure without being out of date in ten years. Avoid dresses with high necklines or racerbacks; these often appear old-fashioned, and may not fit well when paired with a nice evening blouse down the road!

Dark jeans (preferably in a slightly cropped style)

Dark jeans are a wardrobe staple. Dark denim is slightly more versatile than light wash jeans, as you can wear them with ballet flats, heels, or boots. While there are many types of denim on the market, it’s important to have a pair without anything too trendy: avoid rips, studs, bling, or any other type of embellishment. Go for clean lines and a simple style that will take you from day to night effortlessly and will never go out of style.

Slim cut trousers in black or grey

A slim-cut pair of trousers seems like an obvious choice for the basic wardrobe items you should have. What makes them so versatile is that they can be worn with a number of different outfits and can help you to feel good while looking great.

These are great basics because they go with almost everything—you’re guaranteed to find a look in your closet that works with this style of pants. You may not have considered wearing these before, but now you will never be able to go back!

A white shirt (long-sleeved is more versatile)

A simple, white cotton shirt can seem boring, but there’s a reason this item is one of the classics. It can be dressed up or down and worn in all seasons. White shirts are versatile and timeless, so they won’t go out of style anytime soon. A white shirt can be worn to work with a dark pair of pants or a skirt and blazer, or it can be worn very casually with pants or jeans. A fellow fashion blogger says she wears her white shirts so often that she now owns several because they are not easy to keep clean!

There are many different styles of white shirts, some that button up the front like a classic men’s shirt and some that resemble a t-shirt but are made from higher quality materials. Long sleeves are more versatile than short sleeves because you will have more options for wearing them throughout the year. Also, look for fabrics that do not wrinkle easily because you will probably wear your white shirt several times before washing it (unless you spill something staining on it).

White shirts look great paired with nearly any color of pants or skirts; my favorites to pair them with include navy blue and olive green. They also look great when paired with lots of different accessories including necklaces and scarves.

A pair of ballet flats in plain black leather

Ballet flats are one of the most versatile shoes you can have in your wardrobe. They look great with any outfit imaginable, from business casual to formal. A plain black leather pair is the best option because they can go with everything; you can wear them with a dress or skirt and feel dressed up, or with jeans and feel more casual.

The best thing about ballet flats is how comfortable they are to wear all day long. Do you know how it feels when you’re walking down the street in heels and you start dreaming about taking off your shoes? It doesn’t happen in ballet flats, at least not for me!

A great coat that keeps you warm and looks stylish – stick with classics like grey, camel, or black.

Once you have a great coat, it’s easy to look stylish in winter. A camel or black wool coat will go with anything, but you could also opt for something more fitted and feminine in grey or navy.

If wool isn’t your thing, look for coats with a blend of other fabrics such as cashmere (like this one from Everlane) which feels much softer than 100% wool.

A great coat keeps you warm without being too bulky so that you can add plenty of layers underneath. Some of my favorite coats are:

The ReNew Long Puffer Coat by Everlane – This is an eco-friendly option that looks great and is super comfy!

The ReWool Peacoat by Everlane – I have this one and love the fit and how soft the fabric is, but it does shed fibers all over your clothes so be prepared to wear a lint roller on your clothes every time you wear this beauty!

A cashmere sweater – can be worn with jeans or dressed up for the office, plus its ultra cozy!

Cashmere clothes might not be the cheapest to buy, but they’re well worth the investment because they keep you toasty warm and can be worn over several seasons. Plus, they last longer than many of their cheaper counterparts.

But how exactly do you wash a cashmere sweater? Well, the hard truth is that some garments need to be hand-washed – especially those made with wool – so if you don’t have time for this, opt for a machine-washable cashmere piece instead.

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