doesn't gel stay on your nails

Why doesn’t gel stay on your nails?

If you ask yourself why doesn’t gel stay on your nails, your natural nails may be too oily for fake nails, or you haven’t prepared them for the nail technique properly.

If you want your nails to last longer, you will need to buff them and make sure they are dry.

Before applying the gel, rub your nail beds with acetone or rubbing alcohol to make sure they don’t have any oil residue on them.

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Before your manicure, don’t apply any cooking oils or cuticle oil, and make sure they are dry.

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t touch your nail beds before applying gel because your fingers also have some specks of dirt and oil on them.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can try a nail dehydrator; there are various products on the market.

But, keep in mind not to overuse this product because you don’t want your natural nails to be dry and brittle for a longer period.

Usually, people have problems with dry nails, but oily nails can cause problems with gel nails. 1635248396
Why doesn't gel stay on your nails?

What is the purpose of gel nails?

Gel nails are different from nail polish because they last longer and don’t chip easily. 

The main difference between regular nail polish and gel polish is that the latter requires UV light.

While regular nail polish air-dries, gel nails harden by being exposed to UV lamps.

Women put gel nails because they can last for four weeks, and they look shiny and neat.

Regular nail polish is a healthier option because UV lights can cause damage to your skin.

However, regular nail polish doesn’t “survive” hot water or harsh detergents, and you need to reapply it every second day.

Gel nails tend to “survive” a lot more things, and they are a good option if you are growing out your natural nails.

Your natural nails grow normally under gel nails, and you won’t break them as easily.

Gel nails may damage your natural nails due to extensive filling, but you can moisturize them easily after removing your fake nails.

Dry and brittle nails are common for fake nail lovers, but don’t worry; you can easily recover them with home remedies. 1635248415
Why doesn't gel stay on your nails?

How long should gel nails last before chipping?

Your gel nails can last up to four weeks before chipping or peeling off if you prepare them and take care of them properly.

Chipping can occur if you are using low-quality products after one or two weeks. 

If that often occurs, talk to your nail professionalist about the ingredients in their nail gel polish.

One of the best gel nail polishes on the market is OPI; your nails will be perfect for weeks with this product.

On the other hand, your nails may peel easily if your nail beds are oily or haven’t filed your natural nails properly.

Chipping happens if you DIY, so check out some nail hacks for preparing your natural nails before doing your nails.

If you are in contact with harsh chemicals, don’t avoid using gloves for protection.

Pro tip: Mild soup and cold water are a “must” if you want to keep your nails on for a longer period.

Hot water can damage your natural nails, and they may lift. 1635248440
Why doesn't gel stay on your nails?

What happens if you over-cure gel nails?

If you over-cure your gel nails, you risk losing some colour, shine or possibly damaging your skin.

Over-curing can sometimes occur, but this isn’t the case with every gel polish and UV lamp.

As we have said, it depends on the UV lamp and the gel polish. Some gel polish brands claim that if you overexpose the gel polish, they can lose their shine and colour.

Most UV lamps don’t have this warning on them, and high-quality ones shouldn’t cause this problem.

If your nails fade after some time in the UV lamp or you notice that they are not as shiny, change your gel or your lamp.

If this happens if the nail salon, ask them about this problem, and they will change the lamp or the gel.

Make sure you are using well-known brands for your nails if you want the best results.

Also, keep in mind that UV lamps are unhealthy, so you don’t want to over-cure your nails and possibly damage your skin.

What do you wipe your nails with after gel polish?

After gel polish, nail artists usually wipe your fake nails with rubbing alcohol.

The rubbing alcohol will make your nails look shiny and healthy.

By rubbing your nails,  you remove any speck of dust that may have ended up on your nails.

If you don’t wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol, they may feel tacky and sticky.

After rubbing alcohol, nail professionals usually moisturize your nails with cuticle oil and add some moisturizing cream.

You can repeat these steps at home if you don’t want your nails and cuticles to be dry. 1635248428
Why doesn't gel stay on your nails?

Conclusion- Why doesn’t gel stay on your nails?

You might be wondering how to make your gel nails stay on. The first step is preparing the nail beds by rubbing them with acetone or alcohol and buffing them until smooth. 

Next, you will need to apply a base coat of clear polish before applying your favourite colour of gel polish.

 If this doesn’t do the trick for you, it may be time to try another brand that better suits your oily skin type or habits. 

It’s easy enough to find out which brands have good reviews online, so don’t worry!

 To make your nails shiny and healthy, nail artists usually wipe them with rubbing alcohol after applying gel polish.

 This is an easy way to remove any dust that may have accumulated on your nails before you leave the salon. 

If you don’t use this step, it will feel tacky or sticky when the alcohol evaporates from your freshly applied paint job! 

 After wiping down with rubbing alcohol, a good idea would be for nail professionals to moisturize your hands as well. 

The hand massage helps relax tense muscles and improves circulation in those hard-working digits – so no more sore fingers from typing away all day long!

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