What is in a My Handbag?

What is in a My Handbag?


What is in a My Handbag?
What is in My Handbag?

A Lady’s handbag tells a lot about her. To be very honest, I hate carrying big bags. Until July 2010, I never carried a proper handbag ever. Yes, Ever!! It all changed when I landed my first job in July 2010 and I knew it’s going to change now. Since then I have evolved a lot so did my handbags. But one thing that is still constant is – I still do not like to carry a handbag. To me it is a necessity rather than a fashion or style element. So when there is no love-lost between yours truly and arm candies, what is in my hand bag.

I am sure many of you will understand this “I do not love a handbag but I have some really great pieces in my wardrobe†sort of thing. Well, a lady has to some things whether like it or not. For my 9-to-5 job I carry either my Diana &Co Suede Bag, $55 Aldo Legoiri Bag or this Michael Kors Mercer bag.

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For regular day to day errands like a run to super market, Michael Kors Sloan shoulder bag and this Charles & Keith Metal Push Lock Bag are my go-to.

If I am having some much-needed me-time while walking around the neighbourhood I carry this small Borbonese animal print wallet.

So what a lady carries in her handbag – a Mystery many men found more mysterious than Sidney Sheldon’ book, let us visit my handbag’s inside. Apart from my Credit Cards and store loyalty cards, small amount of cash, mobile, headphones and keys (That are always in no matter it is a hand bag, slingbag or a pouch) I carry only much needed elements that included:

Clarins Lip Perfector: I am not a lipstick person but I love lip balm. This $20 Lip Perfector in Rose shimmer is my go to one these days. It’s always in my work bag.  Available in many different shades.

Nivea Essential lip balm: when I am running around finishing much needed day to day errands, my sling bag always have a Nivea Lip Balm.

Nivea Body Lotion: My hands are really really dry, so I need to keep them moisturized and I never found anything more suitable than this Nivea Body Lotion.  I also have this at home sitting near the door.

A pack of Face tissues: Even though I don’t use them regularly, but I keep one pack out of $11.99 Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Fragrance-Free in my handbag.

A notepad: I am one of those who use screenshots as notepad, but sometimes mobiles are not enough so this $8.99 cute notepad is required in a lady’s bag.

Perfume: I love good fragrance, especially as I do not drive so it keeps me fresh. My go-to one for my hand bag is Cartier Baiser Vole Eau de Parfum.

A pack of Mint mouth freshener – Currently it’s Mint Tic Tac.

Rose Face Mist: These days I am carrying this Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water. This $7 rose mist lightly hydrates leaving skin feeling soothed and refreshed.

Sunglasses: This $16 Aldo Elorka is a staple piece of my handbag.

Apart from this my office hand bag usually has a small kit that contains hair elastics, safety pins, hair brush, an extra sanitary pad or two, Band-Aids, Sanitizer, Makeup sponge.

I like my stuff organized so use this $25.66 organizer, it keeps things simple and easy. if you do not like bag organizers then this $10.99 Kit is a good investment. So what do you carry in your hand bag? Did I miss anything that should be there?? Let me know. Would love to hear from another lady.


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