Protect Your Home From Disasters With Tech

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Technology can play a big part in protecting your home. From home security systems to backup power generators, below are some of the different ways in which you can defend your home from disasters using tech.

Home security systems

There are many different types of tech that can be used to secure your home against burglaries including burglar alarms, security cameras and smart locks. Home security systems can often be a way of combining different forms of security tech.

Many modern home security systems use smart technology to connect to your phone. This includes being able to monitor cameras from an app and being sent alerts if an alarm goes off and you are not at home.

Some of the most basic and popular home security systems include smart doorbells, which allow you to monitor the front of your property. However, you can install more elaborate security systems that allow you to monitor all areas around your home. 

Backup power generator

In the event of a power outage, a backup generator can be very useful to have. This can allow you to continue generating electricity to power your home until the power outage has been fixed.

Backup power generators are particularly useful when it comes to the wake of a natural disaster. In these instances, it could take days or weeks for power lines to be repaired. Being able to power your home could be important during this period. 

You can find generator services online that allow you to buy or rent generators. Backup generators can run on diesel, gasoline, propane or natural gas. You can also buy solar generators.

Smart smoke detectors

A smoke detector can alert you of a fire while you are in your home. But what if you are out of the house and there is a fire? 

Smart smoke detectors can connect with your phone to alert you of a fire, so that even if you are not at home you can take action. You can also measure the battery life of your smoke detector using your phone, so that you know exactly when to replace batteries. 

Smart smoke detectors can be linked up with other fire protection devices like emergency sprinklers, but such systems are generally only installed into commercial buildings. 

Smart carbon monoxide detectors

Much like a smart smoke detector, a smart carbon monoxide detector can tell you if there is a carbon monoxide leak in your home via an alert on your phone. This could be useful if you have pets and you are out of the house when a carbon monoxide leak occurs.

Like smart smoke detectors, some of these detectors can also alert you via your phone when the alarm is running out of batteries so that you can replace batteries in good time. 

It’s worth noting that you can buy smart monitors to detect other toxic gases too like radon – which could be worthwhile if you live in a high radon area. 

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