Top 4 Renovation Tips You Need to Know

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Our homes are central to our lives and should be a restful haven we can’t wait to come home to. Renovating your home can enhance your quality of life, offer a sense of accomplishment, and, in many cases, provide a return on investment. Not only will it revitalise your space, but it can also significantly increase the value of your property.

Whether it’s updating a kitchen, creating a home office, or simply refreshing the decor, renovations can make your home more enjoyable and functional. This guide provides essential tips for any DIY enthusiast looking to embark on a renovation journey, drawing on the latest trends. 

Research Your Contractors 

Before diving into any project, it’s crucial to research and select the right contractors. Look for professionals with a strong reputation and a portfolio of completed projects. Knowing how to spot cowboy builders and contractors will save you money in the long run.  

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Friendly or family recommendations can be invaluable. Verify their qualifications, check for positive client reviews and ensure they are insured to protect against any mishaps during the renovation process.

Budget for Problems 

Renovations often uncover unexpected problems. It’s wise to budget an additional 20% on top of your projected costs to cover these surprises. According to recent statistics, two in five renovators go over their budget by 20%​​. Planning for these contingencies will help keep your project on track financially.

Rather than saving up the exact amount you’ve been quoted, it’s a good idea to aim above this number just in case any problems arise. Think broken plumbing, material shortages, design changes – when your budget is prepared. You may need some financial assistance but if you’ve ever been refused a loan, consider boosting your credit score

Plan Your Living Space

Before you begin, have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Consider the flow of rooms, the functionality of spaces, and how the renovation will enhance your lifestyle. Introspect on the long-term consequences of your decisions, ensuring they meet your needs for years to come. 

Current trends are focusing on luxury garden renovations and creating multifunctional living spaces. Indoor-outdoor living has also been very popular in recent years and adds a touch of luxury to your home. 

Create a Schedule

Timing is everything. Develop a detailed schedule that outlines each phase of the project, including deadlines for tasks and when to order materials. This will help you manage the renovation more effectively and reduce the risk of delays. 

Be realistic about timelines and consider any external factors impacting your schedule, such as supply chain issues and weather conditions that will put building work on hold. 

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