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Bored and Online: Things To Do In Isolation

There are things aside from working from home that you choose to stay at home. Other times, you have no choice but to stay indoors although it might drive you to boredom. For that reason alone, I thought of things to do in isolation.

So why are you in isolation?

Perhaps, you’re in quarantine recovering from an illness, it may not be Coronavirus, but anything that forces you to stay at home or you’re suffering from depression or anxiety.

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Let’s be honest. You get bored even using your smartphone and laptop. While I shared before the productive things you can do at home without your phone, just admit it, you can’t let go of your gadgets for a couple of hours a day.

So here are things you can do in isolation when you’re bored and online.

Things To Do In Isolation

– Learn how to cook

Cooking is one of the most relaxing activities I personally prefer doing when I’m stressed out or bored. Yes, ironically if you have no idea how to even chop onions without them flying out of your chopping board, then it might be stressful for you.

But why would you choose to cook when you can’t do it peacefully in the kitchen? Surely, the kitchen is one of the busiest places in a house especially every morning when everyone is getting ready for work or school.

But it’s not all the time that you can’t enjoy cooking in a relaxing manner even if you don’t know how to properly cook rice the Asian way.

If you have already a knack for cooking and wanted to level up that skill and passion, then you should think of learning to become a chef in the future.

If you are a chef, you shouldn’t worry about not getting a job because everybody loves and needs food.

Even during pandemic times, chefs and cooks are still in-demand. Think of delivery services. A lot of them emerged during this time – some may not be that popular pre-corona, but delivery and food services are one of the businesses that are thriving despite Coronavirus.

Well, let’s say, you don’t even want to work in a restaurant or a food delivery business, that’s not a problem. Then build your own food business, be your own boss or share your cooking skills online.

If you’re not sure what are the types of chefs or where chefs find work, you can check this article by Culinary Schools.

Aside from that, you will also find more culinary schools on the website if you’re now contemplating becoming a chef. Even if you’re not residing in the US, you can still find culinary schools internationally.

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Since we’re still talking about food and cooking, and if you want to support fellow people in the food industry, it is also right to give the right tip.

Even for delivery services where I live now, I always try to give a tip. If I don’t have cash or coins, there are options to pay the tip also online through bank transfer or PayPal.

If you’re unsure how much should you give to delivery people or when you’re eating out, the same website has its own tip calculator too which I really find cool. I never thought of that one before or ever thought of any website which has that feature.

tip calculator screenshot

– Learn how to be fit and healthy

If you’re in isolation now because you’re ill, then it’s time to make some changes so you don’t have to be more susceptible to more diseases in the future.

How should you do that at home?

You can always work out at home even if you don’t have those expensive sport equipments that you find in a normal gym. As long as you have enough space for a yoga mat and a couple of dumbbells then you’re ready for a home workout.

Of course you would always want your progress when you do some exercises. So it is better that you can calculate how many calories you will burn depending on what type of workout you will do. This type of calculator will be found on Culinary Schools as well, and it is totally free!

workout calculator
Workout Calculator of the Culinary Schools website

But it is also better and advisable that you will know your weight goal before you commit yourself to daily workout. In everything you do, it is always best to set some goals so you will be more inspired to reach them.

When you get sick, you will have thoughts about getting healthy and fit but before that, you sometimes neglect even simple ways to be healthy. Remember, self-care is never selfish.

– Play games

I know it’s not so productive knowing I just suggested being healthy while you’re in isolation. But we all get bored at some point of doing productive things and we want to do some fun stuff and yeah, unproductive activities too.

So playing games at least once a day may not that harmful if you can control yourself not to let those games control you.

If you’re looking for free games that you can play on your browser, you can try this Onet Fruit Classic that I enjoy playing. You will have to pair same fruits and there’s not even a timer so I really find this game very relaxing even for kids.

fruit classic game

Aside from that, you will find more games on this page and they’re totally suitable for your kids as well. They’re not only fun to play, but the colours and the graphics are also pleasing to the eyes.


Can you imagine yourself being in isolation and doing these things? Believe me, I’ve been recently in that situation. It’s not that bad if you know how you occupy yourself for example by doing these activities I mentioned so boredom won’t slowly eat you.

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