The Problems Of Sharing A Bathroom With A Growing Family

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The bathroom should be a space that caters to the needs of the entire family as tidily and effortlessly as possible. However, those needs can change, especially if your family is growing. Whether the children are getting older and in need of their own bathroom time, or you find your parents, in-laws, or other family members living with you, don’t underestimate how much stress and strife can revolve around bathrooms. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most common points of stress, as well as what you can do about them.

Schedule Out the Cleaning

Bathrooms can gather a lot of mess, dirt, and grime if allowed to, for as much cleaning goes on in there. While every family member should be responsible for not leaving obvious messes (hair in the drains, marks in the toilet, and so on), every member should also be responsible for the list of chores that come with a bathroom. Create a bathroom chore chart, making sure that everyone gets their turn to clean the shower, scrub the toilet, sweep the floor, clean the sink, and so on. If only one person is in charge of cleaning up after a whole family, then it’s going to cause resentment.

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Declutter When You Can

Decluttering the bathroom streamlines daily routines and promotes a serene environment. Start by sorting through cabinets and shelves, and discarding expired medications, empty bottles, and unused products. Organize essentials like towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, prioritizing accessibility and functionality. Consider storage solutions such as baskets, shelves, or drawer dividers to maximize space. Assess each item’s necessity and usability, keeping only what is essential. Simplify surfaces by limiting decorative items and opting for multipurpose products. Regularly purge expired or unused items to maintain order. Prioritize safety by ensuring medications are properly stored and easily accessible. Decluttering not only enhances efficiency but also cultivates a calming sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. Ensure that the whole family is doing what they can to declutter, to avoid any arguments over messes left out in shared spaces.

Hot Water Woes

One of the most obvious issues that can arise in any family bathroom is finding that you’re suddenly not able to enjoy that relaxing, warm bath or shower you were expecting because the hot water is gone. If your family is expanding, then you might find that you don’t currently have the hot water capacity to see to everyone’s needs. Unless you want to start rationing out hot water, then the answer is going to be a water heater replacement. There are different kinds of heaters that can suit different sizes of families and home water needs effectively. Work out whether or not you need to upgrade your tank size, or if just a few minor adjustments could ensure that everyone gets the water they need.

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Set a Schedule

If you have a lot of people looking to wash in the morning or to take care of their needs throughout the day, and people can’t make room for one another, then a schedule might be necessary. To create a family bathroom schedule that minimizes arguments, start by fostering open communication and collaboration. Discuss each family member’s needs and preferences to develop a fair and flexible schedule. Allocate specific time slots for bathroom use, considering peak hours and individual routines. Rotate the schedule regularly to ensure fairness and prevent resentment. Implement a system for resolving conflicts or accommodating urgent needs, promoting empathy and understanding among family members. Utilize technology like shared calendars or scheduling apps to streamline coordination and avoid misunderstandings.

Make Your Bathroom Practical

Sometimes, the answer might lie not in trying to make your family fit the bathroom that you currently have, but rather in changing the bathroom to meet the growing needs of the family. With a bathroom remodel, you might be able to design it to more practically meet the needs of a larger family. You can, for instance, install plenty of smart storage facilities, that can do things like floating cabinets and drawers above the floor, so you get more storage in the bathroom, but still have space beneath them, for standing as well as for temporary storage baskets and the like. Adjusting the layout, such as switching out the bath for a shower and adding an extra mirror space instead can allow more than one person to use the bathroom for things like getting ready to go out in the morning.

Consider Adding Another Bathroom

It might be the most expensive option, and the one that takes the most work, but sometimes, there really is no solution better than to find a way to add an additional bathroom to the home. Out of all the home additions and renovations, any involving plumbing is likely to be more expensive. However, it can be easier to convert an existing space into a bathroom rather than trying to add a whole new room to the house. Even adding a small space that just provides a sink and a toilet can avoid a lot of the arguments that arise when someone is in the shower.

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Try to Emphasize Patience and Kindness

If there are tensions building up around the use of the bathroom in the home, then it might be a good idea simply to talk to your family about it. Try to build an understanding that, first of all, people share the space and that those in the bathroom should try to be mindful of the needs of those who might be waiting for them to finish. Talk to your family about being patient, as well. It can be frustrating to want to use the bathroom, only to find it occupied but, if they’re not in a rush, then they should do what they can to accommodate and wait for it to free up.

A home without needless bathroom stress is a much more relaxed space. Keep the tips above in mind and try to stop things from getting a little too crowded or hectic while sharing your home.

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