the best shampoos for salt and pepper hair

What are the best shampoos for salt and pepper hair?

The best shampoos for salt and pepper hair are the ones that don’t have sulfates and harsh ingredients, and they are gentle are hydrating. Our favorites are:

  1. Phytoargent No Yellow Shampoo– This shampoo is perfect for salt and pepper hair because it leaves it feeling icy and smooth.
  2. Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo– Adds brightness to grey hair and makes it more manageable.
  3. Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo– Preserves the color of your dyed grey hair.
  4. Just Nutritive shampoo for grey hair– Removes the yellow tone and makes hair healthier and fuller.

These four shampoos above are the perfect choices if you want a good shampoo for your salt and pepper hair. 

Keep in mind that a good shampoo is an essential part of your hair care routine, but don’t forget about oils, conditioners, and masks as well.

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Keep on reading this blog post if you want to find out more about taking care of your salt and pepper hair. 1643201588
What are the best shampoos for salt and pepper hair?

What does it mean to have salt and pepper hair?

Salt and pepper hair is a recent hair trend that combines white, gray, and dark hair. It is not only for the women who have turned grey, but a lot of women in their 20s are giving it a try.

This hairstyle is also called ashy hair, and it gives us a whole new dimension to ” gray hair.”

Why is the trend of salt and pepper hair important?

It is important because it turns ” turning gray” into something fun, attractive, and interesting.

Long salt and hair pepper is as popular as the short pixie one. Celebrities like Meryl Streep, Judy Dench, and Paula Deen have tested this look, and they look amazing.

Many male celebrities are joining in the trend as they turn gray. According to some magazines, George Clooney is one of the sexiest men on the planet, and he rocks a salt and pepper hairstyle. 1643201565
What are the best shampoos for salt and pepper hair?

How can I make my salt and pepper hair look better?

Just because you have gray or salt and pepper hair, it does not mean you should stop taking care of it. Here are the tips and tricks for your salt and pepper hair to look even better:

  • Don’t use a lot of heating tools so that your hair does not look brittle and dry
  • Use a lot of lotions and hair milk for moisturizing your hair; dry ends look bad on gray hair 
  • Change your hairstyle from time to time; pixie is our all-time favorite.
  • Use a purple shampoo to keep the color fresh
  • Use a leave-in conditioner so that your hair looks and feels smooth

If you follow all of our tips above, you will notice results instantly. Gray hair can look as beautiful and groomed as colored hair.

Fun fact: If you pluck one gray hair, it won’t make others grow instead of it. That is a popular hair myth.

Can I use purple shampoo on my salt and pepper hair?

Yes, it would help if you used purple shampoo on your salt and pepper hair to keep the color fresh and beautiful.

Women use purple shampoos to tone their hair, and usually, “cold” blondes use it, but salt and pepper/gray hair can also use it.

If you use a purple or silver shampoo 2,3 times a month, your hair will look better than before.

Just don’t overdo it; the purple shampoo should not replace your regular shampoo because it won’t clean your hair properly. 

Use both a regular and a purple shampoo for best results. If you think you overdid it a bit, you can always stop using it and wash your hair regularly. 1643201602
What are the best shampoos for salt and pepper hair?

Is salt and pepper hair attractive?

Yes, both women and men find salt and pepper sexy and attractive. Whether you have long locks or a pixie cut, you can feel confident in yourself.

Salt and pepper hair leaves an impression of wisdom and maturity, so it can be a sign of seriousness even when younger girls wear it. It can look both casual and very elegant depending on your clothes.

How to make your salt and pepper hair even more attractive?

Ivory and avocado green do not go well with salt and pepper hair, so try to avoid them. On the other hand, silver and white gold look perfect with salt and pepper hair.

Deep purple and dark blue also look amazing with salt and pepper hairstyles, so don’t forget to include them in your wardrobe.

You can also choose navy and red if you want to add a dose of elegance to your look.

There are a lot of options to make your hair stand out even more, but the most important thing is to have confidence. 1643201541
What are the best shampoos for salt and pepper hair?

Conclusion: What are the best shampoos for salt and pepper hair?

People with salt and pepper hair need shampoos that don’t contain harsh chemicals are gentle and have a hydrating formula. We listed four options above, but Phytoargent No Yellow Shampoo is our favorite.

Make sure you include oils, conditioners, and masks in your hair care routine in addition to a good shampoo.

You should take care of your hair by moisturizing and cutting it regularly so that it does not look dry and brittle.

You can take care of your color by using a purple/silver shampoo a couple of times a month.

The only problem is that purple shampoo won’t clean your hair like your regular shampoo. Don’t overdo it, and use a gentle shampoo for cleaning and hydrating your hair every time you wash it.

You don’t even have to wash your roots with the purple shampoo; you can wash only the rest of your hair to tone it. If you have grey/blonde highlights, you can apply the shampoo just on them.

We hope this blog post gives you the information you need about salt and pepper hair and even gives you a push to try it! What do you think about salt and pepper hair?

Leave us a comment down below!

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