Touching Hair a lot

Is it bad to touch your hair a lot? Answer Explained!

Are you fond of playing with your hair? While it’s common to touch your hair but remember this practice comes downsides instead of the perks.


To make your hair look best, you always try to pass fingers through it. Apparently, this practice seems harmless but a sheer habit of it can lead to harmful effects on your hair.

As you know, Excess of everything is bad, similarly touching your perfectly smooth hair during a prime part of the day can cause problems over time.

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Touching your hair too much; indeed a bad practice

When you witness certain damages in your hair, you immediately blame the hair products and water for such a loss. Although some of these entities may be the real ghosts haunting your hair, but your habit of playing with your hair overpowers all the influences and cause much of your hair damage.

Touching Hair a lot

Touching your hair seems like a nice, fun habit but you need to consider some of its cons to get away with this habit.

Let’s get into the bad effects of touching your hair excessively.

Obstructs the balanced levels of hair’s moisture

The prime integrants that make your hair healthy, smooth and silky are the hair’s natural oils. They hold significant importance among the hair’s essential components. Now, you have well hit the idea that how touching your hair too much can disrupt the moisture level of your hair.

Both excessive and natural oils are stripped off your hair due to this practice. This leads to less elasticity in your hair, making them more vulnerable to dryness and breakage. (Check out best shampoo for dry ends hair)

Leads to dirt transfer

You touch various objects during the whole day. Dirt present on different objects stick to your hands and touching your hair with such hands only make your hair week and dusty. The most damaging aspect of dirt is that it causes the clogging of your hair follicles.

A dirty scalp obstructs the natural growth of your hair thus, you always end up with your short hair. Keep this in mind and you will never try to touch your hair.

Causes frizzy hair

Frizz in the hair accompanies your habit of touching your hair a lot. You frequently touch your hair and cause a mis-aligned proportionality in it. All ends up in creating a fuzzy and irregular texture.

The main cause of frizz is the lack of essential oils in your hair that is caused by your habit of touching your hair excessively. So, try to avoid reaching your hair through fingers. A good idea is to keep them intact in a bun.

Causes knots in your hair

Tangled hair serves to be another negative aspect of touching your hair a lot. It’s not a good signal at all. You can well imagine all the fuss that follows the tangling of hair. How tiresome it is to detangle the knots in your hair.

Don’t clean out the moisture from your scalp by keeping your hands in your hair. The cardinal rule is to moisturize your hair if you are tangle prone. Hold this idea always! It will enable you to keep your hands off your hair.

Causes minor to moderate hair thinning

Last but not the least. Hair thinning is one of the worst nightmares one can ever have. One of the factors that leads to this worst effect in the constant habit of playing with your hair. Pulling your hair mostly weakens your hair follicles, thus leading to detrimental effects on your hair cuticle.

Sprained scalp + Impaired hair cuticle = Hair Thinning

If your hair thinning continues to go on, you may even face certain bald patches on your head. To avoid this type of complication, you should keep your hands away from your hair.

Keeping hands out of hair-A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE

It may seem a difficult task for you to keep your hands out of hair. Don’t fret, just a little struggle and you are done with your effort. To keep your hand-in-hair syndrome at bay, you can focus on something else such as cooking, painting, writing or any fun activity that diverts your attention.

You should tie up your hair in a bun to prevent your hands from reaching into the hair. Make sure the bun is neither too tight to cause your hair breakage nor too loose. A bun is a good option to keep your hair in a place.

You can even try to cover your hair with a satin scarf and avoid letting your hands wander into the hair. Cover your hair whenever you are at home. This is a good idea that can enable you to keep your hands off your hair.


Everyone wants to have healthy, smooth and shiny hair. Watching your hair being damaged and thinned out never satisfies anyone. It a dread-some sight! Touching your hair too much comes with tons of downsides as it causes frizzy, tangled and thinned hair.

Besides this, it also causes the easy transfer of dirt into your hair. Try to control your hands from reaching into your hands.

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